Students go mammoth hunting at Live Oak

FALLBROOK – History really came to life for sixth graders at Live Oak Elementary School, September 28, as they participated in their annual Early Human Day, the first in a series of living history lessons in which all sixth graders participate.

The event provided students with an opportunity to “experience” history by dressing up in the costume of the period and participating in activities that people of that time and place would have. Students arrived at school dressed in faux fur and animal print –many of them relishing the fact that their uncombed hair complemented the “cave-person” look.

During the course of the school day, students participated in a pretend mammoth hunt, mask-painting, and cave drawing in a classroom whose walls were covered in brown paper, creating a genuine cave atmosphere. The culminating event of the day was an early human feast in which students snacked on foods that might have been eaten by early humans, such as: roots, nuts, seeds, berries, and dried meat.

Future living history lessons will include: ancient Egypt, China, and Greco-Rome.

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