Students learn about, taste fresh items from the garden

FALLBROOK – On Jan. 17, students at Live Oak Elementary (LOE) School enjoyed a little culinary adventure in the school gardens.

In celebration of a winter harvest, students learned about the health benefits and growing patterns of winter greens as they prepared a delicious herb spread in a makeshift outdoor kitchen.

Classroom garden coordinators Jennifer Youngren and Julie Murray along with several dedicated volunteers assisted students in chopping, mixing, stirring, and ultimately tasting their own handmade creation.

Sitting in the shade of an oak tree next to the largest of the school garden beds, students munched on crackers slathered with garden-fresh herb spread while they talked about their favorite garden veggies, shared ideas for new recipes, and compared notes on bug sightings.

More cooking and tasting lessons are planned for the garden next month in the form of green drink smoothies. For more information on LOE’s classroom gardens, email [email protected]

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