1 Love Reggae Music and Art Festival provides fun and funds

Reggae-funk band HighMinded performs during the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary’s 1 Love Reggae & Arts Festival benefit at Casa Estrella restaurant. Shane Gibson and courtesy photos.

Summer weather and summer vibes floated through Fallbrook’s hillsides May 20 as folks from throughout the community came to support a great cause, listen to great music, and enjoy great food.

Teddie Borges, one of the coordinators for the event, said she and the other co-chairs, Karen Estes, Carlos Estrella and Rob Eldon, worked hard to bring together an amazing event.

“I have been calling us the ‘dynamic quattro,’ said Borges. “We all donated our time and jumped through many huge hoops to make the event happen. All with one goal in mind: do it for the animals.”

The 1 Love Reggae Music and Art Festival was held at Casa Estrella on South Mission Road and its large property lends itself perfectly for the event. Coordinators thought ahead and had complimentary valet parking available, which made for painless entering and exiting the event. Once guests checked in, they were able to shop from various vendors, or even bid on silent auction items.

“In typical Fallbrook fashion, folks came out to support a local nonprofit,” said Borges. “The Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary’s 1 Love Reggae & Art Festival was a huge success. Our sponsors, vendors, volunteers and attendees all had one goal in mind: keep a program going that takes in unwanted animals, some that no one else would try to save, the forgotten seniors, or dogs and cats that need special attention in one way or another.”

The main attraction was the food and music. Guests were able to choose between carnitas, chicken or veggie taco plates, served with rice, beans and all the trimmings. Guests were also able to enjoy drinks from the bar, and once the music started, folks were able to enter a relaxed state of mind.

“The event was a peaceful, happy place to be,” said Borges. “Everyone had a great time. I spoke to a gentleman that said he attends many fundraisers but ours was his favorite. He loved the music, art, decorations and delicious food. He felt that there was so much to see and do as well.”

Mainlining performers were Fluid Foundation, HighMinded, Selecta Reefah, and Solution. While some songs were originals that were not necessarily familiar, they did sing covers of more popular songs as well.

Borges stated that while numbers have not been finalized, she believes that the event reached and possibly exceeded the goal of raising $15,000.

“We are looking forward to making the 1 Love Reggae & Art Festival an annual event,” said Borges. “I was in awe of the support and turnout and I heard nothing but sweet, positive remarks.”

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  1. Lee   May 28, 2017 at 9:10 am

    Excellent! Thank you to everybody involved!


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