Paul McCartney’s ‘Wings Over The World’ tour depicted in Rockshow

TEMECULA – Paul McCartney brought one of the most sophisticated and dazzling rock shows of the mid-70s, “Wings Over The World,” to over 600,000 fans at 31 concerts. Today, that fabulous performance is contained in a film depicting McCartney and his band Wings (Linda McCartney, Joe English, Denny Laine, and Jimmy McCulloch) on that tour. The film was shot at the Kingdome in Seattle, Wash. (the only location) has been produced by SpectiCast in association with Eagle Rock Entertainment.

The film, which premiered on May 15 in England, will have nearly 1,000 play dates at theaters in over 700 cities worldwide, including Temecula on June 13 and Aug. 12. These presentations will include a bonus 12-minute interview with McCartney.

In Temecula, “Wings Over The World” will be shown at Digiplex Temecula Tower 10, 27531 Ynez Road. See for show times, ticket prices, and further information.

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