School teaches American flag etiquette

FALLBROOK – The Eagle Room at Fallbrook Golf Club was the recent setting for children 5 to 14 years old to learn social and dining etiquette. One of the topics was American flag etiquette.

“The children learned the care and skill of handling the American flag, the proper times to fly the flag, saluting, briskly raising and slowly lowering, as well as ‘flag taboos,’” said Jonnie Fox Flanagan, founder and director of the Magnolia School of Etiquette.

The children also practiced hat-wearing etiquette, “netiquette,” telephone skills, proper handshakes, table settings and dining etiquette.

“Contrary to the myth that the napkin should be placed in the chair when temporarily leaving the table, it is placed to the left of the plate, slightly rumpled,” said Flanagan.

For more information on the upcoming Etiquette Summer Camp, Adult Mingle and Dine Event (ages 15+) or other opportunities, contact Jonnie Fox Flanagan at (619) 977-9181 or [email protected], or visit

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