Friends and family celebrated in ‘Keeping Good Company’ cookbook, Part II

Last week was Part One of the fascinating story of Roxie Kelley, author of several cookbooks including “Keeping Good Company” I received for a birthday present from my sister Carol.

We left off at the point where Roxie and Shelly Reeves Smith, her illustrating partner, had published their first book, “Just a Matter of Thyme,” and sold nearly 30,000 copies!

They were unknown, unpublished and unprepared for the deluge of requests for “your next book.” Intuitively they requested and received favorite recipes from retailers who had been selling their stationery products through their company, “Among Friends.” The second book, “Heart and Soul,” sold fast, too! The retailers had a vested interest with the book.

However, Roxie and Shelly were feeling that both the stationery business success and its demands coupled with the publishing and distribution of the cookbook was more than they could handle. So they found Andrews McMeel Publishing in Kansas City to take over reprints. Part of the bargain was that the twosome would produce two more books!

Ever the entrepreneurs, Roxie and Shelly had an opportunity to sell the stationery business in 1999

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