Cardio Fusion: fitness made fun

FALLBROOK – Cardio Fusion may be the perfect class to help one reach their New Year’s resolution goal. Taught by a longtime Fallbrook resident and top-notch fitness instructor/personal trainer, Shawn Luchenta, the development of Cardio Fusion centered around making the exercise session “fun and exciting, not a chore.”  

Luchenta said people find it hard to keep to their New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get healthier.

“The problem is most programs and group exercise classes become monotonous and boring after a short while, causing many to lose interest and drop out before their goals are reached,” explained Luchenta.

“Cardio Fusion may prove to be an exception to that rule,” she said. “This class is sure to motivate just about every participant. A great fitness class should be enjoyed, not endured.”

Luchenta focuses her energy on making her classes “fresh and exciting every time, yet structured in such a way that even beginners have no problem following,” she said.

“I am also the only instructor I know of that will choreograph member requests, so each class is put together depending on the students in attendance. This allows for every person in class to feel included and special, and moving to a song they love.”

Luchenta explained that Cardio Fusion is a combination of several different cardio programs that have proven to be extremely popular.

“With the most basic aspects of each program blended into one class, there is sure to be something that every student will enjoy and identify with,” she said.

“Another perk you won’t find in other classes,” said Luchenta, “is the fact that I offer private, basic instruction for students that have a hard time catching on during class, or just need a little extra help, free of charge. My goal is to make sure that everyone has the best time they’ve ever had exercising, and walk out of every class feeling excited, successful and confident in reaching their fitness goals.”

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