Dangerous ‘crocodile’ opiate moves into U.S.

There is nothing good about an illegal drug making its way into the United States, let alone an opiate that rabidly destroys tissue, blood vessels, nerve and bone, and turns the skin green and scaly. And its name – krokodil – is fitting, ‘crocodile.’

According to Narconon, krokodil originated in Siberia in 2002, made its way through Russia and into Germany by 2011. U.S. health officials saw it first in the U.S. in Massachusetts and now two cases have been discovered in Arizona. One could safely assume it is making its way west.

The making of this illegal drug is nothing short of disturbing. The process begins with over-the-counter codeine pills blended with a solvent like gasoline, alcohol, or paint thinner.

Narconon expert Clark Carr said, “I’ve never seen a more dangerous or destructive drug, Of course a person who is using any addictive substances needs rehab to get clean and healthy again, but no matter what happens, no matter how hard it is to obtain heroin or opiates, no drug abuser should touch this substance.”

Often instantly addictive, using krokodil is akin to a powerful hit of heroin, but far cheaper. The drug is used intravenously.

Life expectancy once a user starts krokodil is said to be about two years as it is more difficult to quit than heroin.

To date, Narconon believes between one and three million people across the globe have used the drug. It’s obvious from graphic photographs taken of its users that it leaves an ugly death in its wake.

“At Narconon rehab centers in the U.S. and elsewhere, we help people get sober every day so we know the job can be done,” said Carr. “An addicted person who runs into problems obtaining the drugs he craves should never, ever resort to using this drug.”

In the same article, Carr said that the final cooked-up substance that is injected is usually a dirty, light orange liquid.

“Even if it is called by a different name, save your own life by avoiding anything like this or any drug cooked at home,” he added.

USA Today called krokodil “the deadly heroin-like drug that rots flesh” and said those who have succeeded in kicking a krokodil habit “are often severely disfigured for life, suffering serious scarring, bone damage, amputated limbs, speech impediments, poor motor skills, and varying degrees of brain damage.” 

10 Responses to "Dangerous ‘crocodile’ opiate moves into U.S."

  1. Rick Mycroft   October 24, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    It would be best to get drug information from someplace other than Scientology aka Narconon. See http://www.wsbradio.com/news/news/local/narconon-close-doors-problems-remain/nZ7qc/

  2. Observer   October 24, 2013 at 10:46 pm

    It is good to warn against krokodil and other destructive drugs, but please do not use Narconon as a source of information.

    Narconon is associated with the Church of Scientology, and experts have dismissed many of the organization’s views and treatment methods:

    Various Narconon offices are in legal troubles, facing various lawsuits and more – see http://www.religionnewsblog.com/tag/narconon

  3. VILLAGE NEWS   October 25, 2013 at 7:51 am

    While some might take issue with Narconon, the issue regarding krokodil is very real and substantiated. The information on this topic is completely accurate as written. —Village News

  4. Lee   October 25, 2013 at 11:58 am

    Village News, thank you for publishing this! I mean that whole-heartedly!

    Young folks, let’s have an honest chat. DON’T do drugs! Don’t try them. Don’t touch them. Don’t think about trying them. Don’t give in to peer pressure. NOTHING! Don’t do it! Life IS beautiful, you know? Oh sure, nobody’s life is perfect, and we all have our ups and downs. True. But your life is NOT worth risking and succumbing to drugs — period. Don’t do it. If you do have some sort of problems, TALK to folks: your parents (Guess what? Your parents ARE totally cool and approachable. Sure they are. Try it. We’ve been in your shoes several years ago so we DO know what you are going through during your teenage years and adolescence. Talk. It’s that simple.), your friends, your teachers, your councilors, et al. Whatever you do, TALK things through. Sure, some problems are bigger than others . . . but none is too big to not talk through and not let time help you heal.

    And certainly, NO problem is worth jeopardizing your body over and risking your life!

    Come on, guys, always look at things from a positive perspective even when things don’t seem all that great. The glass is half-full, NOT half-empty. And don’t let ANYBODY tell you otherwise. If you have problems, GO find somebody to talk to . . . and love life!

  5. Joemamma   October 25, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    First of all why would anyone want anything made in Serbia? Secondly, are we really that surprised that the Russian mafia has found a way to exploit our countries ever increasing dependence on opiate based pain killers? Doctors hand out opiates like they are candy and still people complain about medical marijuana. Wasn’t there just an article about the rise of heroine addiction in the county? And didn’t that article say that those rising numbers are directly associated with the increased use of opiate pain killers? Yet I didn’t see a single anti drug, save our neighborhood group try and stop the sale or use of opiate pain killers. No, instead the big news for the day is we get a new more refined opiate pain killer. Oh, so many options now! Medical Marijuana collectives operate as non profits in CA ( at least the legit ones), and people still want them closed. But for profit pharmaceuticals string people out (especially our wounded soldiers) and everyone seems to be alright with that.

  6. Joe Naiman   October 28, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    Technical correction to the comment Joemamma made – Serbia is the remnant of Yugoslavia; Siberia is eastern Russia.

  7. Queen   October 29, 2013 at 11:00 pm

    Gotta agree with Lee, today….regarding this article.

  8. Lee   October 30, 2013 at 7:11 am

    @ #5 Joemamma

    I never understand double-logic comments like yours that actually prove the very point you are complaining about. You complain that doctors/pharmaceutical companies are drugging and " . . . string[ing] people out . . ." which, of course, is absolutely true. But you also advocate medical marijuana and complain that folks want these dispensaries closed. Don’t you realize that Uncle Sam who has drugged us in every shape possible for decades now — anything from our water supply to prescription drugs to food content — is now expanding this "stringing out" of people . . . with marijuana?! Don’t you see that?! If Uncle Sam could, he would absolutely positively legalize crack, coke, LSD, heroin and anything and everything in between. And so his latest ploy is the, shall we say, "introductory drug" which is gaining social acceptance, of good ol’ pot. And framing it as . . . medicinal. And by doing so, more and more people will get hooked to OTHER more potent drugs — or there certainly is a greater propensity for doing so! — . . . such as this latest garbage, krokodil.

    If you are going to complain about drugs and somebody stringing us along, you have to be consistent and denounce ALL drugs and EVERYBODY who takes part in it. Cool?

    PS. Let me guess, you are a pothead? That would explain it!

  9. Lee   October 30, 2013 at 8:45 am

    @ #7 Queen

    Thank you.

  10. Joemamma   October 30, 2013 at 8:53 pm

    @ Lee

    You clearly have not looked at any new information regarding the medical uses of Marijuana. I find it interesting that you are willing to accept the idea that "Uncle Sam" is drugging our water, food etc. Yet you seem perfectly willing to gobble up the lies "Uncle Sam" tells about Marijuana. How can on one hand, you constantly come on this blog and bash the establishment? Yet now you want to quote facts and figures from their skewed findings. Fact check, ALCOHOL is a bigger "gateway" or "introductory" drug than Marijuana. Actually second to Caffeine.

    Some light reading for you Lee, the last one is nice, just type in a condition, and see if any tests have been performed with Marijuana and what the results were. Please take some time and educate yourself, or if that’s too much, please refrain from commenting on subjects you know nothing about.


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