Fitness class holds a different kind of gift exchange for holidays

FALLBROOK – Four years ago, the students of Wade into Fitness classes at the Fallbrook Community Center decided they didn’t need another plastic holiday ornament made in China or a trinket that might end up in a white elephant exchange or landfill. Instead, they decided that rather than have a gift exchange for themselves, they would take all the little bits of money they would have spent and put it into a group donation.

After the funds were gathered, students all selected a single candy cane from a Santa hat. Whoever pulled the specially-marked winning candy cane got to choose the charity of their choice for the Wade into Fitness group’s donation.

This year, Bette Jo Nunn, who attends the M-W-F morning class, pulled the winning candy cane and selected the Wounded Warrior Project for the group’s donation. Together, the classes donated $150 to the special cause.

Previous years’ donations have gone to various other national and local charities. 

“One dollar alone might not be a lot to help people in tough times, but together our donations can make a big difference,” said instructor Ann Wade. “In the end, it’s exciting and fun and the whole class gets a lot more out of it.”

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