Innovative Healthcare Consultants Inc. provides quality services for elderly citizens

The care managers and caregivers at Innovative Healthcare Consultants Inc. specialize in assisting older people and their families with valuable solutions.

They have experience with geriatric health, time management and social issues, which is crucial when searching for the most cost-effective and highest quality of healthcare. The ability to communicate facts regarding cost and types of services that are accessible to the client in their community is fundamental when helping establish a lifestyle that best fits the older person’s needs.

Colleen Van Horn, CEO of Innovative Healthcare Consultants (IHC) Inc., who worked for years as a registered nurse, explained that focusing on the respect, dignity and the autonomy of the individual is essential. The care managers at IHC are RNs, who have expertise and education in areas such as medication management, behavior disorders, and disease processes.

The convenience of having these types of resources available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is very comforting to IHC’s clients. All caregivers employed by Van Horn are bonded, covered by liability and worker’s compensation insurance, and have had background checks. Van Horn emphasized that it is very important to make sure that these areas are covered when choosing a caregiver. If not, the senior or their loved one could become liable for tax and insurance responsibilities.

Since June of 1997, Innovative Healthcare Consultants Inc. has assisted the elderly and their families with regard to healthcare rights and finding solutions for every individual client’s unique care needs.

Van Horn is a member of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM) and Case Management Society of America. The NAPGCM is a non-profit organization which provides education and resources to other professionals and individuals interested in the matters of aging. Innovative Healthcare Consultants Inc. has a staff of approximately 60 caregivers, six RN’s, and four office employees, serving all of San Diego County and southern Riverside County.

“This past year, Innovative Healthcare Consultants Inc. was chosen, through a grant, to conduct assessments of certain patients discharged from 13 various San Diego County hospitals which required follow-up care,” said Van Horn. These successful programs are being implemented in the healthcare system and there are plans to grow the monitoring procedures throughout the nation via healthcare management.

In many cases, family members realize professional assistance becomes necessary for safe, quality care of a loved one. Sometimes the challenges that the older person is dealing with become more complex and require resources that are beyond family members’ abilities. In some cases, family members are not nearby to help personally care for an elderly relative, or perhaps the senior wants to continue to reside in their own home, yet needs certain assistance which a family member cannot provide.

Those recovering from a hospitalization or with conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can present special needs. These types of scenarios can be resolved by consulting with a care manager who will help ascertain what steps are needed for the older person to receive assisted care, as well as the frequency and type of care necessary.

Van Horn said an initial home visit is done to gather information about a client’s medical history, medications, allergies, and includes a memory test as to develop a baseline for their mental status. All caregiver services are monitored for quality. Caregivers assist with obtaining appointments to medical providers as well as accompanying the client to the medical checkups. There is continual communication with family members regarding updates, and ongoing re-evaluation of the levels of care being applied to the condition of the client.

Services that a companion/caregiver can provide include: dressing, bathing and oral care, incontinence care, meal planning and preparation, companionship and conversation, tracking medication, shopping and errands, laundry and household management, light housekeeping, observation and monitoring, transportation to appointments, planning visits and outings, and safety awareness.

The care managers at Innovative Healthcare Consultants Inc. aim to keep the client’s maximum functional potential, as well as assist with reviewing financial, legal or medical issues and offer referrals to appropriate resources. These professionals also screen, arrange and monitor in-home services, and are advocates for medical concerns and conduct care-planning assessments, providing options and recommendations.

Moving to a retirement or nursing facility can be more expensive than bringing in certain services to a client’s home, and Innovative Healthcare Consultants Inc. has the expertise to do so efficiently.

For more information, visit, or call (760) 731-1334.

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