New Fallbrook CrossFit opens

FALLBROOK – One of today’s leading fitness movements has arrived in Fallbrook. Fallbrook CrossFit, owned by local husband and wife team Charley and Lacey McAvoy, is now open and located at 541 Industrial Way, Suite #5.

The McAvoys, Ironman competitors and CrossFit coaches, said “fitness is for everyone and we want to increase each individual’s maximum human performance.”

CrossFit is described as a “strength and conditioning program designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy for anything physical.”

“The focus for every client, regardless of their fitness level, is perfecting movements that are done in everyday life,” said the McAvoys. “Fallbrook CrossFit prides itself on ‘virtuosity,’ which is simply defined as doing the common, uncommonly well.

“Walk in the door and you will realize that you are in a different kind of gym,” they said. “There are no machines or TVs. In fact, when people ask ‘where are the machines?’ the response is ‘we are the machines.’”

To attend a free class, call (760) 701-0512; visit

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