Patient comfort, quality dental care a priority for Clayton Cooke, DDS

Dr. Clayton Cooke is well-known for serving all ages of patients, offering a broad spectrum of services ranging from basic dental maintenance to a variety of advanced dental procedures. Dr. Cooke has an excellent reputation for his sincere consideration regarding his patients and their individual needs.

As a small child, Cooke said he had a fear of going to the dentist, and since he understands that emotion some patients may experience, he values conversing with a new client prior to any exam or procedure. If he realizes that the new patient has any apprehension, he will ask them questions about their concerns, and read his notes back to them to make sure their concerns are understood and addressed correctly. Cooke’s focus is to make his patients feel comfortable. Overcoming a patient’s fear is fundamental to him, as he believes that it is the leading cause of why many people do not have regular checkups.

Extending the longevity of an individual’s teeth is also a priority for Cooke and his staff. By ascertaining each patient’s unique circumstances, he is able to maintain a compassionate environment where every patient is attended to with care and dignity.

Having strong and distinctive hand-eye coordination is important in Cooke’s profession, and although his gentle manner is renown with his patients, he is very technically-oriented at the same time.

Cooke began his interest in dentistry while in junior high school. He recalled meeting a dentist who was the father of one of his friends. He soon after started to gravitate towards the field, with much encouragement from his mother. When attending college, he took a variety of challenging courses such as organic and bio-chemistry, as well as developing good study habits and the ability to compete.

In 1974, Cooke graduated from the University of the Pacific Dental School, and has maintained his passion for dentistry ever since.

He has been practicing in Fallbrook since 1976, and his repeat clientele demonstrates their happiness with his skilled services, as well as his dental office staff. Cooke’s staff is long-standing, exemplifying a positive work environment. Office manager Diane Furtak has worked with Cooke for 25 years. Rhonda McGowan, who has a bachelor of science in dental hygiene, has been part of the team for 20 years. Registered dental assistant Noreen Busby has worked with Cooke for 10 years, and registered dental assistant Trish Villegas holds 30 years of experience, and has helped the office for eight years.

“These special individuals who make up our team have exceptional talent when it comes to patients’ comfort,” said Cooke, who also has an office in Rancho Santa Fe.

Cooke’s comprehensive dental exam includes assessing a patient’s existing dental work, bite, muscles, joints, and gums. An interactive oral monitor lets the patient and Cooke view what dental condition they have, and how to go about solving problems or just addressing maintenance

He stresses the importance of preventive dental care and good oral hygiene. He recommends dental visits twice per year for cleanings and periodic x-rays, depending on need.

To read more informative tips on dental health and procedures, visit Dr. Clayton Cooke’s website at His Fallbrook office is located at 425 E. Alvarado, Suite A. Call (760) 728-5011 for more information.

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