Wegener provides holistic healing for the body, mind and spirit

Randall Wegener uses acupuncture, cupping and herbal Chinese medicine to help his patients heal.
Randall Wegener uses acupuncture, cupping and herbal Chinese medicine to help his patients heal.

For 15 years, Randall Wegener, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., MSTOM, has served the greater Fallbrook area with his acupuncture practice through holistic healing and whole body care practices. Many of Wegener’s patients have seen radical transformation to their physical, mental, and emotional health through his care.

Wegener’s patients can receive treatment through acupuncture, which has been used in medical therapy for over 4,000 years worldwide to treat a wide range of pains, illnesses and diseases.

“Acupuncture treats the body, mind and spirit,” said Wegener, who is an acupuncturist recognized at the state and national level. “Patients may come to me because of a physical need, but we also address any emotional imbalance that may be manifesting itself on a physical level.”

According to Wegener, repressed emotional/mental issues that haven’t been addressed can manifest in a person’s body through physical pain.

“Visualize the body as a tree,” said Wegener. “I can treat the physical symptoms, or branches of the tree, or we can address the root of the issue by getting to the origin of the problem.”

For instance, a patient of Wegener’s came to him to treat digestive aches and pains, and through a series of treatments, he was able to help her acknowledge that she had not been addressing her life in a proactive way, thus causing her physical illness.

“She now looks at life in an active way instead of a reactive way,” he said. “As a doctor, it is my job to teach patients to look at themselves in ways that they haven’t before. I allow patients to invest in themselves, and allow themselves to begin the healing process.”

According to Wegener, acupuncture treatment is a heartfelt experience.

“I care deeply about my patients’ treatment,” he said. “This is more than what is read in a textbook; I want patients to be healthy on more than just a physical level.”

Wegener also understands that some individuals may only want physical treatment as part of their acupuncture treatment, and he is happy to treat their physical pain with his practiced techniques.

Because of Wegener’s gentle treatments, individuals from the age of one week to 97 years old have received acupuncture for treatment of aches, colds, pain, flu, and neurological damage, to name a few examples.

As a way to calm the nerves of individuals who might not be comfortable with needles, Wegener prefers the use of a more positive term.

“We don’t use the ‘n-word;’ instead, we say healing sticks,” he explained. “We have to look at the treatment in a different way.”

Wegener states that he will usually talk to nervous patients through the placement part of the session, and they will not notice that he is placing the healing sticks because of his gentleness and the thinness of the sticks.

Once the acupuncture has been performed, patients are required to lie still for 30 minutes. During this time, the blood flow in the body is stimulated, and the neurological system is reset, allowing patients to feel pain relief, even in chronic cases.

“We need to slow down and allow the body to heal,” said Wegener. “This is a time for patients to exhale and not feel pressured.”

In addition to acupuncture, Wegener also offers cupping, which is a treatment that uses glass jars and suction pressure to release tension in muscles.

“The Olympics did wonders for my cupping sessions,” laughed Wegener. “People who saw the marks on Michael Phelps were asking me if I could do the treatments on them.”

In addition, Wegener also offers Chinese herbal medicines that treat an assortment of ailments, and can be modified to meet specific health needs.

Because of his gentle demeanor and kind personality, Wegener’s patients tend to become lifelong friends.

“My daughters go to school in Fallbrook, and they tell me that my patients really do love me,” he said.

Randall Wegener’s office is located at 593 E. Elder St. Suite A, Fallbrook. For more information on Randall Wegener, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., MSTOM, and his acupuncture practice, call (760) 451-2188, email [email protected], or go to www.wegeneracupuncture.com.

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