Creating a dining room that is traditional, contemporary, or country

It has been said that dining is a form of art; an atmosphere intended to encompass the presentation of food and drink, the skill of conversation, and evoke an ambiance of a certain style. Whether one desires a simple, family-friendly environment, or one with a more chic and refined tone, there are numerous ways and combinations to express creativity in this area.

Often associated with elegance, a traditional style includes classic colors, reflected in fabrics and wall hues, along with 18th and 19th century-inspired ornate wood pieces that often include curved legs and high-back chairs. If you choose to keep with a monochromatic color scheme, it can still be interesting by introducing soft patterns or textures with the use of various fabrics. A compromise to the one-color appearance is a multi-toned harmonious palette, by coordinating upholstery or window treatments of different tones to the surrounding wall color.

Contemporary d

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