Creating a Mediterranean atmosphere in a bedroom

If you are looking to apply a makeover to your bedroom with a theme representative of the Mediterranean, this can be accomplished fairly simplistically and within a modest budget.

When one thinks of the Mediterranean and its numerous cultures and themes, places such as Northern Africa, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and parts of the Middle East possess old-world styles that echo through contemporary translations.

Starting with a color scheme is always a practical approach, whether you want to stay basic with flat paint or go a bit more into depth by introducing a ‘fresco’ style on the walls. This technique doesn’t have to commit to the whole room; maybe only on one wall or the back panel of a built in bookshelf. Paint stores or do-it-yourself references can inform you about how to apply the technique of a wet rag and glaze which creates a bit of texture and character, or even other methods such as faux finishes mimicking stucco, wood or leather. Painting the molding of the doors and windows in a thematic color can also bring in the ambiance that you are trying to capture.

What items come to mind with creating a feel of the Mediterranean environment? Mosaics, rich wood, terra cotta, patterned tiles and wrought iron are perfect examples of bringing the cherished outdoor atmosphere of the Mediterranean inside for one’s enjoyment. Think in terms of a large and weathered urn, a rustic bench, mosaic side table, or possibly an ornate wrought iron table lamp.

Variously shaped small mirrors adorned with glass d

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