Family-owned Fallbrook Propane Gas Co. – over 25 years of caring, quality service

When it comes to a business that really cares about residents of this community, family-owned Fallbrook Propane Gas Co. sets the standard.

This company, which has had a sterling reputation since founded 26 years ago (1987) by Merrill and Deborah Everett, is indeed a community treasure and now involves multi-generations of the family.

“We live here; we grew up here; we are part of this community, and we want people to be happy,” said the Everett’s daughter, Meredith Gordon, who serves as office manager. Over the years, the Everett’s business has grown to employ 22 people.

“All of our staff members reside in our local service area,” Gordon said. “We always have someone here locally to help a customer.” In addition to taking good care of Fallbrook area residents, Fallbrook Propane Gas Co. is the sole, longest-standing, independent provider in North County. With the large, national mergers that have occurred in the industry, no other providers have facilities in Fallbrook.

Customer retention at Fallbrook Propane is not a problem and word-of-mouth referral serves the company quite well.

“Our customer retention is fabulous,” said Chris Everett, operations manager for the business. “We have a simple business model with fair prices.” By keeping a solid customer base, Chris said the family business is able to support itself nicely on a modest profit margin.

The company is well-known for its generosity in supporting local youth, art endeavors, and the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce.

“Every sport at Fallbrook High has our name on something,” Gordon said, with a smile. “Our family is also supportive of local arts endeavors as my Dad has background in it and my folks have donated equipment to the local art school.”

Residents have choices when it comes to which propane provider to use, but those who have not used Fallbrook Propane generally become customers when they run of out gas at a bad time, because the business offers service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Typically what happens is we get an emergency call from a resident who has run out of propane, in the winter, at 11 p.m. at night; or on Christmas Day, or another major holiday, from a family who is expecting a large crowd in a few hours,” Gordon said.

“I guarantee, even if it’s Christmas morning, we will get a truck out to the customer,” she said.

“At that point, people realize how much better our service is and how much money they can save with us because we don’t use “lock-in” contracts or levy penalties; we just don’t do business like that,” Gordon said. “Another situation that occurs is that some of big national companies from out of town run out of propane here at times, and we always have supply available.”

“We have triple the gas storage capacity of any other company in North County,” said Chris. The company also extends discounts to Farm Bureau members, seniors, and offers level budget payment plans upon request. Free onsite consultations are offered as well.

Fallbrook Propane provides a complete range of services. “We handle everything from the stub out of the house on… all the exterior work,” said Gordon. “We run lines, do fittings, provide pipe, sell/rent/refurbish tanks, set and install them, and deliver fuel. We will also convert dryers or stoves to propane.”

Understanding the value of everyone’s time, customers repeatedly voice their appreciation for the specific day and time notice for their propane delivery.

“We will call and let people know when we’ll be there; we are great communicators and try to be flexible with our schedule to go above and beyond the call of duty,” said Gordon. “We feel it is important to be respectful of peoples’ time.”

Most importantly, local residents tell Fallbrook Propane that they like doing business in their own town.

“We have local accountability, we are local owners, and we are accessible,” said Gordon.

Stop by Fallbrook Propane Gas Co.’s booth at the upcoming Avocado Festival April 21, visit or call (760) 728-9353 for more information.

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