FPUD approves resurfacing of Beaver Creek Lane

Beaver Creek Lane will be given a fog seal repaving rather than capping of a trench created when the Fallbrook Public Utility District (FPUD) disturbed the road’s pavement to construct the Beaver Creek Pipeline, off of East Alvarado Street, just west of Tumble Creek Lane.

FPUD’s board voted 5-0 Nov. 21 to give the private road the same treatment the district would give county-maintained roads under similar circumstances.

“That was to do some additional rehabilitation of a private road connected with putting the pipeline in,” said FPUD general manager Brian Brady.

In April the FPUD board approved the replacement of the Beaver Creek Pipeline. The Fallbrook Irrigation District installed an unlined steel pipe in the early 1940s, and in the 1960s a cement mortar lining was added. Although FPUD maintained an easement for the pipeline the district allowed private roads to be constructed on top of the pipe.

When a water district installs a water line underneath a county-maintained road the district is responsible for returning the road to its original condition but is not required to improve the road. FPUD thus usually caps a trench dug for the new waterline but does not perform an overlay or seal on the entire roadway. The county policy requires a water district to resurface the entire road if that road had been resurfaced within the previous three years.

FPUD follows county standards on private roads, and in many cases homeowners complain about the appearance of the final paving after the work has been completed. The homeowners fund the repairs of private roads, and the Beaver Creek Homeowners Association indicated that Beaver Creek Road had been sealed within the previous two years.

The pipeline replacement contract was for $1,446,000 and the fog seal repaving of approximately 56,233 square feet will add approximately $15,000 to the cost. FPUD’s capital budget allowed $1,625,000 for the project.

The resurfacing will likely be performed in early 2017.

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