Landscape renovation includes custom shed

This low maintenance drought tolerant landscape replaced a high-maintenance lawn at the Genduso home.

Like many homeowners in the Fallbrook area, John and Jan Genduso decided to take out the front and back lawns at their home in the Red Mountain area, a few years ago. They then installed a low maintenance drought tolerant landscape with a drip irrigation system.

The Genduso’s used California native plants plus other drought tolerant species. They include various types of sage, deer grass, Mexican feather grass, teucrium, giant kangaroo paw, New Zealand flax, purple fountain grass, penstemon, ceanothus (Carmel Creeper), several varieties of lavender, and a pineapple guava.

Then last year, they asked their son, Chris Genduso who is a hobbyist-carpenter and a Fallbrook resident, to build a garden shed. Jan said, “Because it was so near the house, he put a lot of thought into his custom design. As is his trademark, he used high quality materials and techniques. As you can see, this includes ‘real’ cedar siding.”

The Genduso shed is 10 feet x 12 feet and was custom-made by their son.

She said he also custom designed and built the casement window and the door assembly, adding, “We think it looks more like a studio than a shed!”

Since they have a grove and lots of other plants, they haven’t seen a noticeable change in their water cost. However, Jan said, “We have mostly noticed and enjoyed the reduction in maintenance, as we once spent a lot of time and effort not only on watering and sprinkler system maintenance, but on soil amendments, fertilizer, weed killer, gopher control, etc. and still our lawn never looked very good! (Not to mention the frequent mowing and edging.)”

She also said that they enjoy the increase in the numbers of birds of all kinds (especially hummingbirds) as well as butterflies visiting their property since they changed their landscaping.

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