Our woodlands are turning grey with time

On Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 5, another grand one of our cherished mighty oaks said good-by along Live Oak Park Road. She measured about 24-inches across at the base and was approximately 35-feet in height. Her canopy showed sparseness and that she was ailing.

We must understand that our native woodlands have many levels of maturity and those majestic huge oaks and native trees are slowly lying down due to the aging process for trees do not live forever.

My philosophy is that trees are like people, no two are exactly alike and when our time comes, to nature we shall all return.

Their environment plays a large factor and man’s impact which alters their native surroundings can come into the equation as well.

So we appreciate this noble one who gave us over 150 years of her leafy green canopy, the specialized habitat with the wildlife along this native oak corridor, and for being a part of the beautiful oak woodlands that are such an integral fabric in our little hamlet of Fallbrook.

Roger Boddaert is The Tree Man of Fallbrook.

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