Roger’s Pick for a punch of color is Queen’s Wreath

A Queen’s Wreath blooms in Roger Boddaert’s garden.

If you’re looking for a flowering vine that will give you some sporadic blooms throughout the year….it’s Petrea volubilis orcommonly called Queen’s Wreath in the verbenaceae family.

This semi-evergreen twinning vine is a native from southern Mexico down south to South America and into Paraguay. You can also find it growing in profusion throughout the Caribbean islands as well.

She likes full sunshine to dappled light and is a strong grower over an arbor, trellis and even espaliered onto a fence. It is tender to about 32 degrees….so find a warm spot for her in your garden setting.

The cascading flowers look like a dainty wisteria vine, but this vine gives you colorful blossoms three to four times a year and is definitely a wow in my garden. \

The flower colors are a rich light lavender-purple and turn an opaque white as she fades. Its drought and wind tolerant once established, with no special soils, what else could you ask for?

It is sometimes called the “sandpaper vine” for the leaves are semi-rough like a fine grade sandpaper, but not a hazard.

If you looking for a vine to give your garden a punch from time to time give Queen’s Wreath a try and you’ll have a real conversation piece to share with others.

Roger Boddaert, Maker of Natural Gardens, can be contacted at (760) 728-4297.

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