SDG&E offers level pay plan for customers to offset high summer bills

SAN DIEGO COUNTY – Every summer San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) customers Sam and Sabrina Butler know their electricity bill is going to go up. The Poway residents are grateful to have air conditioning, but they were always bracing for the higher summer bills that came with running the system. That was, until they discovered the level payment plan billing option which allows for monthly payments to be spread equally throughout the year.

“The level payment plan helped us to stop worrying about having to save extra money to pay that summer bill,” said Sabrina. “As budget-conscious parents raising two kids, it has given us peace of mind and a more predictable monthly bill so that we can use our air conditioning without having to be surprised when the bill comes.”

The level payment plan option is available to all SDG&E customers. Upon signing up, SDG&E will project a customer’s monthly energy bill based on the average dollar amount of the last 12 bills. Even if energy usage goes up or down, level pay plan customers will pay the same amount each month for the first three months. Adjustments are then made to the monthly payment amount every three months based on actual energy use, but the total energy cost for 12 months is the same whether or not a customer opts in to the level pay option.

“More than 30,000 customers take advantage of the level pay plan option,” said Caroline Winn, vice president of customer services for SDG&E. “This is one example of SDG&E’s commitment to provide energy options for our customers and support them when they need help paying their bill or simply to make their lives easier.”

Customers can enroll online at for the level payment plan or by calling SDG&E at 1-800-411-SDGE (7343). Additional bill assistance programs are also available at

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