Simpson Sandblasting to re-coat FPUD’s one million gallon reservoir

Simpson Sandblasting and Specialty Coatings has been awarded the contract to re-coat the Fallbrook Public Utility District’s (FPUD) one million gallon reservoir in De Luz.

A 5-0 FPUD board vote Nov. 21 awarded the contract to Simpson Sandblasting for the Fontana company’s bid amount of $332,285.

“That’s part of our regular refurbishment program for all of our storage tanks,” said FPUD general manager Brian Brady.

In 2012, FPUD developed a 10-year program to re-coat all 11 of the district’s steel reservoirs to ensure continued service life and avoid more costly replacements. A dive inspection of all tanks identified those which required immediate action to protect the steel from structural damage due to the deterioration of the painting system.

The one million gallon reservoir re-coating will be the first treatment since the adoption of the 2016-2017 budget which allocated $250,000 for tank re-coating, although during the development of the project it was determined that additional structural work will be required due to the condition of the coating and structural deterioration. Funding for other capital projects in FPUD’s water capital budget will be adjusted to allow for the expenses beyond what the board budgeted.

FPUD prepared a bid package for the re-lining and repair of the reservoir. Seven companies responded by the Dec. 2 deadline.  Simpson Sandblasting’s $332,285 proposal constituted the low bid with AMP United, which is based in Virginia and has an office in National City, providing the second-lowest bid at $358,016.

The work will begin in early 2017 and is expected to be completed during spring 2017, so although the reservoir will be out of service during that time the lack of that storage capacity is not expected to impact FPUD customers.

“That’s why we do them in the winter,” said FPUD assistant general manager Jack Bebee.

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