Supervisors approve Jackie Heyneman Park improvements

The PLDO funded improvements at Heyneman Park will include replacing the old picnic tables and benches at the south end of of the park. Lucette Moramarco photo
The PLDO funded improvements at Heyneman Park will include replacing the old picnic tables and benches at the south end of of the park. Lucette Moramarco photo

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved an agreement with the Fallbrook Village Association for improvements at Jackie Heyneman Park, which is at South Mission Road and Beech Street.

The supervisors’ 5-0 vote Dec. 14 approved the appropriation of $240,000 of Park Land Dedication Ordinance funding for the project, including an agreement to provide $230,000 to the Fallbrook Village Association, which will be responsible for the improvements. The other $10,000 will be used for design review by staff of the county’s Department of Parks and Recreation. The county supervisors’ action also found the improvements within the existing park area to be categorically exempt from California Environmental Quality Act review.

“I think these improvements will be a great addition to Heyneman Park and will make the grounds more easily accessible to anyone who wants to enjoy the park’s beauty,” said Supervisor Bill Horn.

The Fallbrook Village Association was responsible for the 1994 construction of what was originally called Beech Street Park. The name of the park was changed to Jackie Heyneman Park in 2012 to honor the long-time community volunteer. The Fallbrook Village Association funds maintenance of Jackie Heyneman Park and some of the maintenance activity is performed by the Fallbrook Beautification Alliance.

Park Land Dedication Ordinance (PLDO) fees are collected from developers to fund park improvements in the area of the development. The fees can be used for active or passive recreation parks but not for open space or trails. PLDO revenue may be spent on a park not operated by the Department of Parks and Recreation if that park is open to the public. The fees can be used to acquire land but not for maintenance and operation, and they can be used for the replacement of playground equipment or other renovations but not for the restoration of historic structures.

The improvements will bring the park to current Americans with Disabilities Act standards with upgrades that will include railings, accessible picnic benches, pathways, and a parking stall which can accommodate a van.

Other upgrades will replace the older furniture, build a shade structure, replace sidewalks which have been damaged by tree roots, remove pepper trees which are causing the unsafe sidewalks, and rectify a hole in the ground which was created when playground equipment at the park burned in a fire suspected to be arson.

The PLDO funding will also cover the replacement of the waste facilities and other sanitary improvements. Five new picnic tables, six new benches, and five waste receptacles are among the items which will be acquired and placed at the park.

“It’s just a nice addition to the park system there,” said Department of Parks and Recreation deputy director Jason Hemmens.

County Service Area (CSA) No. 81 covers parks in Fallbrook, De Luz, and Rainbow. The Board of Supervisors is the actual governing body for CSA No. 81, although an advisory board comprised of community residents makes recommendations for park improvements and the use of PLDO funding. The CSA No. 81 advisory board recommended $206,000 of PLDO funding at its March 17 meeting, and when additional funding was determined to be needed, the Aug. 18 meeting of the advisory board included approval of the use of $240,000 of PLDO funds.

The design of the park improvements is expected to begin during winter 2017. Completion of the project is expected by summer 2017.

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