Workers enhance Pico Promenade

FALLBROOK – Walkers on Pico Promenade can enjoy filtered sunlight, flowering plants, trees, ducks and the relaxing ambiance of the place. The work of Zeke Maldonado and his crew from the San Diego County Dept. of Public Works (DPW) is making a huge difference in enhancing the natural beauty of the pathway.

Every other month, a team of county workers paints out the graffiti on all the cross-street bridges along the promenade. Their work, along with that of Russ and Jackie Heyneman and many other wonderful volunteers, is having a truly amazing impact.

Sometime in the near future, it is hoped that Pico Promenade will become part of the “inner loop walking trails” in Fallbrook, connecting it to other areas around town. It really is worth a visit! There are many residents who help keep Fallbrook a beautiful place in which to live and walk.

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