AAUW hears about human trafficking

FALLBROOK – The Fallbrook Branch of the American Association of University Women recently presented another of its public outreach programs highlighting two important issues.

Myrra Lee, a member of the AAUW San Diego branch, spoke about Proposition 35, Human Trafficking, and her efforts to bring this important provision into law. She presented for view a film entitled “Indoctrinated,” produced by Jim Ellis for the San Diego County Office of Education which depicted the various ways young girls become entrapped in prostitution. This disturbing, yet prevalent problem is a topic that Fallbrook AAUW has focused on and continues to bring to the attention of the public through its outreach efforts. A copy of this film is available at the Fallbrook Public Library through a donation made by Sherry Ludwig.

The propositions on the November ballot were also explained and discussed by two members of the League of Women Voters. Members of the audience expressed their views and asked questions of the panel. It was a non partisan discussion, but many concerns were aired.

For more information about AAUW and its programs, visit www.aauwfallbrookca.org.

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