Amateur Radio Club announces 24-hour Field Day event June 22-23; public can learn about emergency communication

FALLBROOK – The Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club will be participating in Field Day 2013, a 24-hour emergency preparedness exercise, Saturday, June 22, from 11 a.m. until Sunday, June 23, at 11 a.m. This exercise is open for public viewing and to ham radio operators at Frazier Elementary School’s athletic field, 1835 Gum Tree Lane, Fallbrook.

The premise of Field Day is to prove that in an emergency amateur radio operators or “hams” are capable of setting up radio stations in the field and by using portable antennas and emergency power (generators, batteries, solar), they are able to contact as many other groups around North America doing the same thing. There are over 35,000 radio amateurs that participate in Field Day.

During emergencies and natural disasters normal modes of communication such as telephones, cell phones and the Internet usually become overloaded and fail. Amateur radio has been called into action again and again to provide communications in crises when it really matters. Amateur radio is well known for communication support in real disaster and post-disaster situations.

The local group also assists with special community events such as parades, marathons, bike-a-thons, and walk-a-thons.

Amateur radio operators must pass exams that test their knowledge of electronics and communication procedures in order to get licensed by the FCC.

Plenty of experienced and friendly people will be on hand at Field Day in Fallbrook to explain the process to visitors. For more information, see

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