Angel Society awards $12,500 in philanthropy

FALLBROOK – Donations totaling $12,500 were approved by the board of directors of the Angel Society of Fallbrook at its meeting in June.

The Senior Care Foundation topped the list of recipients with $5,000 in funds to help defray the increasing costs of its Care Van service. The funds will also be used to purchase a new overhead projector for computer learning, as well as to remove two overgrown ficus trees.

The Palomar College Foundation received $3,000 in funds to help needy students from Bonsall, Fallbrook and Rainbow with textbooks, scholarships, and emergency needs assistance.

Receiving $750 in funds, the St. John’s Episcopal Church “Backpack Project” provides backpacks and supplies to needy children in Fallbrook. Also receiving $750, the Fallbrook Alumni Association operates a “Backpack Buddy” program, providing backpacks filled with supplies for students at Fallbrook High School.

The San Diego Rescue Mission received $1,000 in support for its new Children’s Center, which provides daycare for up to 36 children of homeless mothers seeking education or employment.

Four other organizations were also awarded funds, each receiving $500 in philanthropy. They include Fallbrook Pop Warner; Fallbrook Youth Rugby League; Fallbrook Villa Soccer Girls; and Operation Showers of Appreciation, a nonprofit organization that honors military families with gifts for their newborn babies as well as support during difficult times.

In addition, Lila Sandshulte, outgoing philanthropy chair, announced the names of the recipients of the Angels’ 2014 college scholarships. They are Joellen Banks, Hailey Drew, Michelle Madden, Taylor Steele, Aimee Steen, and Nuri Melo.

Officers of the 2014-2015 board of directors were also presented. They are Kathryn Kopitzke, president; Jackie Edgerton, first vice president; Fran White, Kathy Gausepohl, and Lorrie Valeron, second vice presidents/philanthropy; Nancy Chapman, third vice president/membership; Alex Wilson, treasurer; Judy Messina, recording secretary; Susan Coughlin, Angel Shop chair; Gerri Ankerman, building maintenance chair; and Vivien Steere, president ex. officio/parliamentarian.

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  1. james c   July 25, 2014 at 2:50 am

    How are we to continue to be a conservative mean spirit society if help all those in need? No! True, our conservative era has evolved from finding fault,then to tough love, then to show how tough we can be to act without a heart, to be mean and heartless and now the fashion to ridicule and bash the poor!As a conservative, I know that all those with needs, have needs because of their lack of responsibility to self and country. Why help the decadent and miscreant? Philanthropy in America is waning and in its place is the emphasis of low taxes so that our country is now all about me,me and me! Thank goodness Reagan gave us the me generation and society! Now, America should only be about low taxes and the survival of the fittest!


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