Army Corps of Engineers to hold public hearing Jan. 31 on Gregory Canyon’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement

ESCONDIDO – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will hold a public hearing relating to the Gregory Canyon Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on Thurs., Jan. 31, at 6 p.m. at the California Center for the Arts, 340 N. Escondido Blvd., Escondido.

The hearing, designed to receive comments on the Draft EIS, is part of the public comment period. Due to multiple requests, the Corps recently extended the public comment period for the Draft EIS, which was due to end on Feb. 12, to April 15.

The Draft EIS for Gregory Canyon is available for review at Fallbrook Library and at Comments on the document can be emailed to [email protected]

2 Responses to "Army Corps of Engineers to hold public hearing Jan. 31 on Gregory Canyon’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement"

  1. Water Drinker   January 24, 2013 at 10:07 am

    Gregory Canyon is not just another local NIMBY issue. It is not in the public interest and it will affect eveyone in San Diego County who drinks water. Development of this canyon a few miles east of I-15 on Highway 76 across the river from the old Verboom Dairy threatens the San Luis Rey River, which several water districts, especially Oceanside, rely on. It also threatens all Northern California imported water to San Diego because the aquaduct that carries it crosses the property of the proposed landfill.

    The developers tout the state-of-the-art liner they plan to use on the bottom of the landfill. The bottom … not the sides. But every landfill leaks eventually, like the allegedly leak-proof one on Camp Pendleton that had to be mitigated recently. You-know-what always flows downstream.

    The dump will be immediatly adjacent to Indian sacred sites. Within yards … closer than a restraining order. How’d you like somebody charging a dollar a load to pile garbage next to your church?

    Voters were misled about the need and operation of this dump. It’s not needed. Increased recycling, the extension of the Miramar landfill and closing of one in Walnut mean trash will have to be imported from LA and areas north to make this commerciallly operated dump economically viable. The measures we voted on said that’s not allowed. But once the dump is built and a tax-paying buisiness needs customers to keep feeding the county coffers, what do you think is going happen?

    So, how dumb an idea is locating a dump in Gregory Canyon? It is not in the public interest. It’s a push by out-of-state investors to push through a business plan, and hang the consequences.

  2. Lee   January 28, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    Or in other words, my dear fellow Fallbrookers, the public hearing will be a charade to make it look like a democratic process is taking place. Oh you know, officials pretending to listen to our concerns while wearing serious looks on their faces, seeming to write our thoughts/concerns down as if to give them serious thought later on . . . and then laughing the instant they get in their cars after the meeting. I’m sure the fate of this project is already sealed.

    Heck, there’s money to be made!


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