California Highway Patrol warns of phony calls

SAN DIEGO COUNTY – The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has received calls from San Diego residents stating that they have been contacted by individuals claiming to be a law enforcement employee. The callers will identify themselves as members of the California Highway Patrol, will provide false information regarding a loved one or relative and make various demands. Many times the caller will use the name of the person being called.

In one case reported, the caller claimed to be a CHP Sergeant who had the victim’s grandson in a holding cell. The caller related the grandson had been involved in a traffic collision and did not have insurance. The caller told them to send money through Western Union to pay for the damage caused by the collision and the grandson would be released without a police record.

While law enforcement officials often conduct business via telephone, the public is being asked to be wary of phone calls of this nature. Law enforcement personnel will never request money be sent to avoid an arrest.

• If you receive a call from someone identifying themselves as law enforcement, it is important to remember these points:

• Do not release personal information.

• Do not provide credit card information or wire money to that individual.

• Do not call 911.

These calls with request for money are criminal in nature and the callers are subject to criminal prosecution. The CHP in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies are conducting investigations into calls of this nature. Call your local police department or sheriff’s office’s published non-emergency number to report the incident.

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