Caltrans updates website to assist motorists with travel decisions

SACRAMENTO – Caltrans has upgraded its website to give California motorists access to planned lane closures on highways statewide so they can make more informed route decisions and reduce travel times.

“Thanks to this upgrade, motorists can plan to avoid scheduled lane closures on statewide routes before they even get on the road,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “This information will allow travelers to adjust their trip plan so they can get where they’re going more quickly.”

Real-time statewide route information is easily accessible from an interactive Internet search site at

Online users can search for planned lane closures statewide, by region, county or route number, on specific dates, during certain times, and by type of closure.

For additional road information, visit Caltrans QuickMap at

One Response to "Caltrans updates website to assist motorists with travel decisions"

  1. Preston   January 24, 2013 at 8:28 am

    To Malcolm Dougherty,
    The on ramp (heading north on 15 from the 76) is a death trap. The cement barrier recently installed (during the construction to widen the bridge) leaves absolutely no place for a vehicle to go if merging alongside a semi-truck heading north on the 15. Its only a matter or time before there is a serious accident. I brought this up to personnel at the temporary office (at the site) but nothing has been done (that I am aware) of so far.


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