County Supervisors approve new sign rules for unincorporated communities; Fallbrook proponents have put effort into change

SAN DIEGO – A handful of Fallbrook representatives have worked diligently to effect change in existing sign ordinances with the County of San Diego in order to allow more community signs and banners (temporary and permanent) to promote upcoming events.

With a decision made yesterday, Wed., Jan. 8, by the County Supervisors, it looks like Fallbrook and other unincorporated communities in the county will soon start seeing a lot more signs — welcoming visitors to town; telling them about special events; or directing them to local attractions.

“I think the new sign and banner ordinance is going to help distinguish the unique characteristics of each of the unincorporated communities,” said Board Chairwoman Dianne Jacob.

The board’s vote Wednesday will repeal the County’s current policy of banning community signs on County roads and create new rules that allow a number of different kinds of signs and banners — permanent and temporary.

Because the rule changes will create a new County ordinance, the action must be approved by the Board again when they meet Jan. 29, and would take effect 30 days after that.

The staff report that was presented to the Board Wednesday said that allowing signs to be put up on County roads could establish a greater sense of place and community character without sacrificing road safety.

Supervisor Bill Horn, who, with Jacob, brought the issue to the Board’s attention in 2012, said that cities have long been able to put up signs on their roads and that it was time that unincorporated communities had the same opportunity.

“Signs bring new visitors and visitors bring money,” Horn said. “And that’s pretty simple.”

The new rules would allow six types of community signs and banners to be put up in the public right-of-way in unincorporated communities:

*Community Identification Signs: ground mounted or street-spanning non-commercial civic-oriented decorative signs.

*Community Information Signs: ground mounted, non-commercial, civic-oriented decorative signs with changeable shingles that identify upcoming community events and enhance community character.

*Directional Wayfinding Signs: Networks of uniform, permanent, directional and destination signs to show people how to get to civic, cultural, visitor and recreational areas, so long as they are placed in or near established village areas.

*Neighborhood and Business Watch Signs.

*Horizontal Street Spanning Signs: temporary, decorative signs to announce or promote community events in a village area.

*Vertical Pole-Mounted Banners: temporary, decorative signs on street light poles to announce or promote community events or recognized holidays.

4 Responses to "County Supervisors approve new sign rules for unincorporated communities; Fallbrook proponents have put effort into change"

  1. Ray (the real one)   January 9, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    I bet Delaney is very unhappy.

  2. Life in Morro Hills   January 9, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    Why would Delaney be unhappy? This ordinance doesn’t have anything to do with what you were upset about some years ago, ie- the move to regulate the placement of private commercial signs on the public right of way in downtown Fallbrook. I don’t agree with certain things Delaney has supported over the years (like her pushing for speed bumps in Morro Hills when she was on our road board) and consequently I’ve never once voted for her after that when she ran for Fallbrook Community Planning Group.

    Ray-For someone who holds such strong opinions about things on which you speak (whether it be local political issues or social groups like Hispanics, gays, women etc), you are one uninformed individual.

  3. Ray (the real one)   January 10, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    Life in Morro Hills: Ever heard of a joke?

    I know it has nothing to do with the issue but when it comes to ANY tyoe of sign, the aforementioned, has "kittens".

    Fallbrook would be more "business friendly" if the aforementioned and the rest would ve voted out or disbanded completely.

    You need to take things in a lighter way and read between the lines. Being my comment was so short indicated a bit of humor.

    Besides, Morro Hills = Hilles, Enemy #1

    Try shopping Fallbrook.

  4. Larry   January 15, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    Now just maybe Fallbrook can start to return TO THAT UNIQUIE VILLAGE . When the rules allowed for brightly colored signs , buildings , and business, that you all moved here for. That easy relaxed life without the , I am going to make it like the same village on the coast.
    Maybe now Fallbrook can get those empty store fronts open with new and exciting shops and stores.
    Sometimes OLD and UNIQUE are fun and OK .


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