Eleven hospital operators sent RFPs by district

Fallbrook Healthcare District (FHD) sent out Request for Proposal (RFP) guidelines to 11 hospital management organizations on June 24 in hopes of receiving interest from those who may be interested in operating Fallbrook Hospital or providing some level of service to the community.

“The district anticipates response to the Requests for Proposal that will yield strong interest and submissions that will address needs and concerns of the community,” said FHD administrator Vi Dupre.

Dupre said that the district asked that the entities confirm acknowledgement of the RFP information by July 3 so as to be certain the information was received by all parties.

The 11 organizations that RFPs were sent to include:

• Loma Linda

• Prime Health Care (operates Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, Chino Valley Medical Center in Chino and others)

• Tri City Hospital

• Scripps

• Sharp

• Palomar Health

• Universal Health Services (operates Temecula Valley Hospital and others)

• Dignity Health (operates St. Mary’s Medical Centers in Long Beach and San Francisco and others)

• Tenet Healthcare (operates Desert Regional Medical Center in *Palm Springs and others)

• UC San Diego Health Systems

• Kaiser Foundation Health

In addition, Dupre said another hospital group’s agent contacted the district for RFP information but would not disclose its identity at the time.

The district has asked any interested organizations to direct all questions concerning the RFP process to them by July 31 and have set a deadline of Aug. 31 for the submissions to sent in.

“The RFPs received will be diligently reviewed, queries addressed – as well as presented, and in-depth conversations with presenters pursued,” said Dupre.

Dupre said when it comes to proposals for running a hospital or providing a medical service, “There are a great many variables involved.”

“The [Fallbrook Healthcare District] board can look at a variety of comparison factors – who and what type of entity? What is the track record of successful operation of similar-sized facilities? What types of ideas do they have for the current/future of the facilities, and so forth.”

Fallbrook Hospital Corporation (Community Health Systems) made public June 12 that it intended to discontinue providing core services at the hospital in roughly four months. Information on file showed the company had lost $5.8 million in the last fiscal year and $4.5 million the year before.

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  1. Leigh   July 7, 2014 at 9:31 pm

    Fallbrook Hospital saved my child’s life in 2006, and I will always be greatful to the wonderful staff there for their kindness and compassion.


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