Ex-mob boss to emphasize to high school students “you are who you hang with – stay clean”

Ex-mob boss, Michael Franzese, a former captain of the Colombo crime family, will speak to a select group of about 400 including Fallbrook High students, staff, and community members on Jan. 30 to emphasize “you are who you hang with – stay clean.” Franzese, who has publicly renounced organized crime and become a motivational speaker, will make the appearance to assist in a documentary called “Impact” being produced by Fallbrook High film and video production students.

Franzese has created the Breaking Out Foundation to help youth and says “if he can change, anyone can change.” He is said to be focusing on trying to assist at-risk youth, professional and student athletes, and anyone seeking the inspiration to “beat the odds and make positive changes in their life.” He promotes continuing education, community support and career guidance.

Franzese has spent more than a decade working with the NBA, MLB, NFL Teams, NCAA (more than 200 Division 1 NCAA colleges) and many other organizations.

A week prior to Franzese’s arrival, Dr. Jane Alvarez will be working with 10 to 15 high risk Fallbrook students. These students will then participate in all of Franzese’s presentations with follow-up discussions and exercises in hopes of making a difference in their lives.

The film students will be taping Franzese’s presentation and a question and answer period that will follow.

Film teacher Florene Villane made the initial contact with Franzese and began to make arrangements for his visit in August 2012. He is appearing free of charge.

The documentary will debut on May 18 at the Fallbrook High School Student Film Festival and be submitted for national competition.

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  1. Lance   January 18, 2013 at 6:52 am

    Can anyone attend?


    As it states in the article, the presentation will be to a “select group” of students and educators. Unfortunately they are not able to open it up to the public. Village News has received clearance to cover the presentation and will report on it in a following issue. Thank you. D. Ramsey


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