Fallbrook Aglow Lighthouse meeting to feature guest speaker Sharon Allen

FALLBROOK – Everyone is invited to the Fallbrook Aglow Lighthouse monthly meeting at the Fallbrook Women’s Club this Saturday, February 25, from 10 am to 12:30 pm featuring guest speaker Sharon Allen. Refreshments will be provided.

Sharon Allen was born on May 15th, 1945 in New York City to Orthodox Jewish parents. She was raised in an Observant Jewish home and has a fascinating testimony of what it was like growing up in a traditional Jewish Home or Yiddishkeit.

In August of 1974, Sharon and her daughter Elisa, moved from New York to Los Angeles as the climate in California was much better for EIisa’s health. Her parents left New York a few years later and joined her in Calilornia and shortly after that they moved to South Orange County.

The real estate boom was on then and Sharon obtained her real estate license and went to work for a man named Ron Allen who was to become her husband. Ron loved the Jewish lifestyle and had even agreed to convert to Judaism, but for one thing which he found he could not do which was renounce all his prior beliefs.

Sharon began to research the Hebrew Scriptures and ancient Jewish documents in order to help Ron with this last requirement. As she read the Scriptures for herself she found many things that had not been taught to her by her Rabbis. This only raised more and more questions for Sharon about her beloved Scriptures. Her Rabbi tried to help her by counseling her himself, and then recommended yet another Rabbi and then finally one of the most eminent Rabbis of all who would try to unravel all that she was learning. After all her study Sharon was ready to talk about all she had learned. This search led to her belief in Yeshua/Jesus as the Messiah.

Sharon received her Master of Arts in Theology degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2005.

Place: Fallbrook Women’s Club, 238 W. Mission Road, Fallbrook. Call (760) 731-5245 for more information.

Fallbrook Aglow meets once a month. The meetings are free. Members expect the Lord to heal and deliver from disease, drugs, oppression, and depression. They believe Jehovah-Jireh, the Provider, will meet every need.

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