Fallbrook High students achieve sweet success with cake creations

The Foods & Nutrition classes at Fallbrook High School held their annual Decorated Cake Contest the last part of February. Six teams of four students each designed and constructed a cake in each class period with judging held on Feb. 27.

The students had 10 class periods to design, make and decorate their cakes with two boxed cake mixes, homemade fondant and a choice of nine decorating techniques. Teachers from around the school rated the cakes on the base coat, edge trim, use of color, neatness, creativity and overall presentation.

The project required the students to use their planning, team work, leadership and time management skills. The winning cakes from each class period were put on display in the school library.

Decorated cake winners

Period 1

1st Place: Hawaiian Tropical Cake

2nd Place: Pac Man

3rd Place: Cheshire Cat

Period 2

1st Place: Animal Print Cake

2nd Place: Paradise Island

3rd Place: Refuse To Sink

Period 4

1st Place: Patty Wagon

2nd Place: 17th Birthday Cake

3rd Place: The Rolling Stones

Period 5

1st Place: Magic Mickey

2nd Place: Ruggers (Rugby)

3rd Place: M&M cake

Period 6

1st Place: One Sweet Ride

2nd Place: El Pinguino

3rd Place: iPhone

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  1. Save ROPs   March 15, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    These students are expressing their creativity while learning a valuable skill. Who knows how many of these kids may become master bakers someday. Dr. Mitchell: SAVE Fallbrook High’s wonderful ROP programs!!


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