FCPG submits priorities for local road projects

The Fallbrook Community Planning Group (FCPG) submitted a list of capital improvement priorities for local roadways to the County of San Diego Public Works Department following its June 16 meeting.

Anne Burdick, chair of the FCPG circulation committee, presented the list of priorities her group had formulated and made a motion for approval, which passed unanimously.

“We have long advocated improving intersections before widening roads, and these lists reflect that principle,” said Burdick. “We also felt that the roads with high traffic volumes and safety concerns should be a primary focus.”

Burdick said that seven of 14 proposed intersection improvements are related to the “Fallbrook community’s desire to avoid constructing four-lane roadways on East Mission Road and South Stage Coach Lane, believing that intersection improvements can eliminate much of the “friction” on the road, improve the flow of traffic, and postpone as long as possible the need for a major four-lane construction project.”

The capital improvement priority list was set as follows:

1.East Mission Rd. & Santa Margarita Dr.: Traffic signal and intersection improvements

2.Stage Coach Ln. & Reche Rd.: Intersection improvements

3. East Mission Rd. & Ranger Rd.: Road and intersection improvements

East Mission/Yucca (Live Oak Park Rd.)

East Mission/Old 395/I-15

4. Knottwood Way Extension: Road reconstruction

5. Calavo/Brooke Rd. & S. Stage Coach Ln.: Three-way signal and intersection improvements

6. Stage Coach Ln. & Fallbrook St.: Intersection improvements and traffic signal

7. Stage Coach Ln. & Alvarado St.: Intersection improvements

8. Ammunition Rd.: Sidewalks (north and south sides)

9. Elder St. between Elbrook & Potter St.: Sidewalks for pedestrian safety in hospital area

10. Clemmens Ln.: Sidewalk between S. Mission & Old Stage Rd. (north side)

11. Reche Rd. at Live Oak Elementary School: Intersection improvements

12. Stage Coach Ln. & E. Mission Rd.: Intersection improvements

13. Pepper Tree Ln. Extension: Road construction & traffic signal at S. Mission Rd.

14. Stewart Canyon Rd. & I-15 Interchange

Road improvement projects (sealing and repaving) were also prioritized by the FCPG circulation committee.

According to Burdick, her committee “evaluated the road improvements based on traffic volume and safety concerns.” The list of priorities carried the instruction that the Dept. of Public Works should consider adding trails and pathways wherever possible. That motion passed unanimously as well.

Priorities for sealing and or repaving submitted are:

1. De Luz Rd.: Kalmia to Sandia Creek Dr.

2. Hamilton Ln.: Gum Tree Ln. to E. Mission Rd.

3. Old Hwy 395: SR76 to Reche Rd.

4. Reche Rd.: Old Hwy 395 to S. Stage Coach Ln.

5. S. Mission Rd.: Junction of E. Mission to Pepper Tree Ln.

E. Mission Rd. segments

6. Curve west of Hamilton Ln.

7. Intersection with Macadamia

8. Curve by Via Zancas

9. Intersection with Riverview

10. Riverview to Fallen Leaf

11. Santa Margarita Dr. to Industrial Wy

12. Willow Glen: E. Mission to N. Stage Coach Ln.

13. Stage Coach Ln.: Knoll Wood to Joy Rd.

14. Hill Ave.: Hill Court to Merida Dr.

15. Merida Dr.: Hill Ave. to Alturas Rd.

16. Banyon Dr.

17. Macadamia Dr.

18. Farrand Rd.: Palomino to Pepper Tree

19. Olive Hill Rd.: Mackey to Futurity

20. Green Canyon: S. Mission Rd. to Winterhaven

Slurry seal priorities issued by the FCPG include:

1. Mission Rd.: Old Hwy 395 to Gum Tree Lane

2. Green Canyon: Winterwarm to S. Mission Rd.

3. Fallbrook St.: N. Stage Coach Ln. to S. Mission

Projects that the FCPG noted to the Dept. of Public Works as “special needs/safety concerns” were:

1. Rocky Crest Rd.

2. Big Oak Ranch/S. Mission Rd. intersection

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  1. Gary Ungricht, Fallbrook resdident   July 5, 2014 at 6:32 am

    Repaving of Reche Road, from Old Highway 395 to Stage Coach, should be moved up to the #1 position, due to the volume of traffic, and the unsafe and deteriorated condition of the road. The "temporary" patch work just doesn’t do it.


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