Former Fallbrook deputy Kimball pens book “Catch The Sky” detailing work as an ASTREA helicopter pilot

Chances are we are going to hear a lot more about Darryl J. Kimball in the near future. Kimball, a sergeant with San Diego County Sheriff’s Office –

who was posted to the Fallbrook substation in 2010 – just had his first book published last month, but it likely won’t be his last. Although he isn’t in the class of a Joseph Wambaugh just yet, we might soon be seeing more of Kimball and his book on the talk show circuit.

Kimball’s book, “Catch The Sky,” is a collection of stories documenting his time with the Sheriff’s office, but mostly it is about his stint with the Aerial Support to Regional Enforcement Agencies (ASTREA), the department’s elite helicopter unit.

The 352-page offering was co-written by Allan T. Duffin, a Los Angeles-based author, and U.S. Air Force veteran. Duffin also wrote History in Blue: 160 Years of Women Police, Sheriffs, Detectives, and State Troopers, and was co-author of the “12 O’clock High” Logbook: The Unofficial History of the Novel, Motion Picture, and TV Series.

It was Duffin that Kimball credits for inspiring him to write the book, a memoir of sorts, of his 20+ years in law enforcement.

“Allan came across my blog ( and got in touch with me. He said I should consider writing a book. I gave it some thought; decided to do it, and the rest as they say is history,” said Kimball.

“Catch The Sky” is a history of how Kimball came to San Diego from a small town in Oklahoma; earned a spot in the Sheriff’s department, and then pushed himself to become one of the very few deputies selected to fly in the ASTREA unit. Flying had always been a dream for Kimball, and this book details his unfailing effort to achieve his dream.

“In many ways it’s a success story,” said Kimball, “a story of perseverance—one that says when the odds seem to be stacked against you, or when your mind tells you that you’re not smart enough or good enough, or tells you to quit and go home, you don’t listen. You stick it out, you move forward

2 Responses to "Former Fallbrook deputy Kimball pens book “Catch The Sky” detailing work as an ASTREA helicopter pilot"

  1. wildheart   November 1, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    Sounds like a really interesting read. I’m getting a copy of the book today.

  2. Goldie McQuillan   February 7, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    I have this book, "Catch the Sky: The adventures & misadventures of a police helicopter pilot"; it is a great read, & I love the pics.


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