FPUD to spend $790,000 on sewer improvement – Project involves replacing, relocating 64-year-old section

The Fallbrook Public Utility District approved the conditional award of a contract with Weir Construction Corporation of Escondido to replace and relocate the FPUD sewer system section along South Mission Road near Major Market and through an adjacent trailer park.

A 4-0 FPUD board vote June 23, with Don McDougal absent, approved the issuance of the contract for $790,000 should Weir be able to meet FPUD’s bonding, insurance, and other requirements.

This is a very important part of the sewer capital improvement program.

It’s one of the oldest sections of sewer in the system,” said FPUD general manager Brian Brady.

The current pipe was installed between 1948 and 1952.

“This project does two very important things,” Brady said. “It increases significantly the capacity of the sewer in these sections,” Brady said. “It puts it into the public right-of-way where it can be serviced by our crew much more effectively.”

The pipeline diameter will be increased from 12 inches to 18 inches. “It’s being increased to meet our peak operations of the system, which are about 2.2 MGD (million gallons per day),” said FPUD assistant general manager Jack Bebee.

The section runs full or almost full and thus does not currently comply with sewer design standards. The operation of the sewer at capacity creates a risk for overflows and fines from the Regional Water Quality Control Board. During storm events the section can surcharge and is at risk of overflowing from manholes. The replacement of the section was identified as a priority in FPUD’s Sewer Line Asset Management Plan and, in November 2012, FPUD approved the design of the replacement of the section.

The replacement also includes realignment. “What it will replace is segments of sewer that currently run underneath some sections of private property,” Brady said.

“It runs under some trailers,” Bebee said. “It’s going to be relocated to run in that back alley of Major Market.”

The relocation will thus allow FPUD maintenance, and repairs if necessary, without disrupting trailer park occupants.

FPUD staff prepared a design package and solicited construction bids from general contractors. Six bids were received, with Weir’s $790,000 being the lowest and Genesis Construction of Hemet submitting an $865,777 bid for the second-lowest figure. The highest bid was $1,132,000.

FPUD staff and FPUD legal counsel will verify that Weir meets the FPUD requirements. If Weir is not able to meet all the requirements, the FPUD board action authorizes the contract award to Genesis Construction for $865,777 should that company meet all requirements.

The notice to proceed is expected in late summer. “It usually takes them a month or two to get started,” Bebee said.

The construction duration is 150 calendar days, and completion is expected in early 2015.

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  1. Reality Checker   July 25, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    First you have to have water to flush down the sewer! Why arent arses and elbows flying building desalinization plants up and down the coast? Like 50 or 100 of them! Enough to provide water for everything west of the mississippi including mexico for the next 200+ years??!! You know even china has a 100 year plan for everything from water to asparagus including their economy. And all those plans are just to build their economy. While china and russia and the middle east plan ahead and stratagize, we export all our wealth and import poverty? Major changes to our childrens and grandchildrens futures can start with WATER! We dont need no stinkin sewer. We’re northern Tijuana anyways. They dont have sewers, now all of them are up here, why do they need sewers now all of a sudden? Answer that!


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