Group hears update on I-15 corridor projects

Attendees of the Sept. 19 meeting of the Fallbrook Community Forum heard an update on one of Fallbrook’s most popular topics of conversation – the projects proposed for the town’s Interstate 15 corridor area. Jack Wood, chairman of the Land Use Sub Committee of the Fallbrook Community Planning Group (FCPG) briefed the group on the status of the major projects on the drawing board.

“This is going to be a whole new community,” said Wood. “The push has been coming for 25 to 30 years to use that area for ‘smart growth’ and all (the FCPG) can do is try to guide it to get the best possible result.” In his official role, Wood has followed the progress of this cluster of projects for the past 10 years.

There are four major projects under heavy discussion at this time.

Horse Creek Ridge

Horse Creek Ridge is a future residential development of approximately 750 dwellings (multi-family and single-family) to be built by D.R. Horton. D.R. Horton purchased the residential development property from former owner, Passerelle LLC. Passerelle still owns the light industrial and commercial portion of their property in the corridor.

Since this project has passed through all phases of the County process, it is now “almost ready to build,” Wood said, when the developer chooses.


Meadowood is a future development by Pardee Homes consisting of 397 single-family homes, 447 multi-family units, an elementary school (Bonsall Unified School District), and a wastewater (sewer) treatment plant. Water and sewer service will be provided by and managed for this development by Valley Center Water District.

Wood said Meadowood is also “almost ready to build” and has completed all requisites to begin.

Campus Park West

Pappas Investments plans to build Campus Park West, a mixed use project on the 116 acres it owns bordering both Interstate 15 and State Route 76 and a smaller parcel on the south side of 76. Plans show 500,000 sq. ft. of retail/commercial, 120,000 sq. ft. of light industrial/office, and 283 multi-family residential units.

Pappas has filed a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for its commercial/residential property, so the process still continues in seeking governmental approval for their plans. The developer is also currently applying for water service.

In explanation of Pappas filing its paperwork a while after the first two developments were well along in the process, Wood said, “[Pappas] was waiting to see what happened with the other projects.”

One hurdle Pappas may have to resolve is their plans include some structures that would exceed the 35-foot height limit that is in place by North County Fire Protection District.

“North County Fire isn’t equipped currently to handle fire protection for structures over 35-feet,” said Wood. “There may have to be an agreement between Pappas and the fire district to provide the equipment needed to handle that.”

In exceeding that height, it also lends suspicion to whether residents can expect to see big box stores inhabit the space.

“[The FCPG] would rather have neighborhood shopping, not regional shopping; we don’t want to see big box stores,” Wood said.

For those who have always wondered what the future holds for the “Bridge to Nowhere” (a bridge put in off Old Highway 395 by former property owner Hewlett Packard leading in the direction of the empty land), Wood said it will lead to the Pappas development.

Palomar Community College

The college district has plans to build a north campus on 81 acres they purchased from Passerelle.

“The college has indicated they have a 20-year phased-in building plan,” said Wood. “They plan to start by accommodating a student body of up to 2,500; then they want to work their way up to 7,500 to 8,500 students.”

The college has already paid to have their part of Horse Creek Ranch Road, off State Route 76, constructed. The completed roadway installation and expense is being shared by the college and DR Horton.

Pala Band of Mission Indians

According to Wood, the Pala Tribe has purchased 90 acres near the southeast corner of Interstate 15 and State Route 76. The Tribe has not made their full intent public in regards to any plans it may have for that property, other than one item.

“They have indicated they may put in a cultural center on the property,” said Wood. “Our concern is that if that property is submitted into and accepted for inclusion in the federal trust, it means [the tribe] won’t contribute any local tax money on it and can do whatever they want with the property.” Concerns include casino promotion, etc., that some might find unbecoming for the rural atmosphere.

Warner Ranch

A project that does not appear to be as imminent as those above, Warner Ranch is a future development slated for further out State Route 76 (across from Pala Casino) containing 550 acres. Currently Wood said there is talk that 780 homes might be built on 87 acres within that property.

While some area residents favor the idea of development of the corridor, others distinctly don’t. Members of the FCPG hear both of those opinions.

Wood said that since the FCPG is “just an advisory group,” it does not have the power to approve or deny a project, but try to advise direction to the developer and county in order to make it as amenable as possible to the area and its existing residents. Since multiple developers are presenting plans for the corridor, Wood said the FCPG has been trying to encourage communication.

“We have tried to encourage everyone working on all these projects to work together; to look at the whole picture of what we are dealing with here,” said Wood.

One of the potential challenges will be that due to existing boundaries, Fallbrook schools will serve students in the northern part of the development area and Bonsall the southern.

“It complicates things that there are two school districts involved,” noted Wood.

The residential numbers planned by D.R. Horton, Pardee, and Pappas combined look like a possible 1,877 dwellings. That, coupled with retail traffic, means heavy impact on the roads.

“We are very, very concerned about the cumulative effect on traffic, even with the improvements already planned to State Route 76,” said Wood.

While the construction of this new part of the Fallbrook community will undoubtedly bring significant change to the corridor, many also ponder what effect it will have on the downtown area of historic Fallbrook.

“There is definitely concern over how this will affect existing Fallbrook proper,” said FCPG member Roy Moosa.

21 Responses to "Group hears update on I-15 corridor projects"

  1. Route 66   September 28, 2013 at 3:07 am

    Well, it’s on. And, we all knew that the future was coming for the past 40 years. Rural -no more. Friendly Village- well, it’s been home since 1970;, but the the "sentimentality" of it all has changed to, the" reality" of life- in Southern California. I wonder if the people of Old Del Mar or Old Rancho Santa Fe sense the melancholy of change; or, does building a manse within the security of high gate/guarded walls – still provide relief from the the intrusion of riff raff brought into the communities by development of once vast and producing citrus lands? I don’t think they fret urban sprawl, they get in their high-end personal jet, and escape the seasons- for Geneva.

    Afterall, its 1%’er monies that are unaffected by GWs global economic collapse, and being invested in "the machine." There’s too much of it fueling high-powered corporate lawyers that once saw EIRs as a great growth-controlling challenge, but now see them as laughable targets at which to hurl boilerplate reams of legalese – overwhelming the courts.

    And so many haters of the State Administration think that SoCalifornia is dying, businesses are fleeing, the promise of homeownership is lost. Ha ! Money always trumps naivete!

    Like WCFields once said, "The more things change, the more I wanna’ grab a 12pack and golf."

  2. jboy   September 28, 2013 at 9:31 am

    Yes, FCPG and all Fallbrook residents should be very concerned about all these future developements. Unfortunately, our county supervisor has never met a development or developer he didn’t like. His vision is for the Fallbrook area to become another Carmel Valley or Orange County. We really need to vote him out of office.

    The County and FCPG should do everything in their power to prevent the land annex by the Pala Indians. For those of you with short memories, they installed a gigantic electronic billboard on this property several years ago without notice to the adjacent property owners, the County or Caltrans. They were pressured (not forced) into removing this eyesore and traffic hazard since this parcel of land they owned was still subject to the County and State jurisdictions. I’m sure the Pala Tribe, after they are allowed to annex this land, will start off building a "cultural center" on this land followed by the electronic billboard (again), truck stop and mini-casino. Be prepared, it will happen.

  3. Ruth Harber   September 28, 2013 at 10:39 am

    Strange that everyone is so concerned about housing developments. We knew that was coming and that Supervisor Horn, as someone else has said, has never met a developer or development he doesn’t like. Time to get him out of his cushy job and vote for Jim Wood the Mayor of Oceanside who is seeking the office.

    Strange also that with all this additional housing, a garbage dump is still proposed near all these homes that are in the planning stage. Gregory Canyon dump’s project has been on the books for over 20 years.. time to quit it, Gregory Canyon developers.. go elsewhere!

    Why doesn’t the Village News ever comment on the trash dump? Is it because it is not exactly in the “Village”?

    VILLAGE NEWS REPLIES: Ruth, the Village News has regularly and systematically reported on Gregory Canyon Landfill for years and years. Not sure why you haven’t seen all the stories. Perhaps you should subscribe to the hard copy of the paper? (although all stories are uploaded onto the website after the hard copy is on the street) Just a suggestion, D. Ramsey, editor.

  4. Lee   September 28, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    My dear fellow Fallbrookers, be BRUTALLY honest, if you had the power to decide where a college or a college extension is to go, would Fallbrook TRULY be an option? Of course not. It makes absolutely NO sense to stuff a JC or a JC extension into Fallbrook — NONE! THE logical place to put it is either in San Marcos (that’s where we have them) or the next large "metropolis" which is Rancho California. So WHY would a bunch of houses be stuffed into Fallbrook? Why? And WHO would benefit from them? Who? To answer this question, we have to ask ourselves another one, which is, wherever you have a college or university, what ALWAYS accompanies it? OK, many of you said parties, beer and joints. Hmm, although true, that’s not quite what I had in mind. What is always mandatory to accompany a college or a university? Well, the answer is affordable or "cheaper" housing. So WHY stuff in a JC and a bunch of houses into a region that makes absolutely NO sense?! Why do so? WHO could that possibly benefit from this? Who?!


    The reason why ALL of this housing is going in has NOTHING — let me repeat that — NOTHING to do with some silly college! It has EVERYTHING to do to provide Camp Pendleton with plenty of "affordable" housing. So, how to accomplish this? Well, easy. You stuff in a college or university and, hence, disguise the fact the MANY, MANY new homes have to go in, too. You hoodwink folks by charming them with shiny new malls, a Starbucks and the usual creature comforts, and voila, the military-industrial complex has been catered to and expanded. Oh, and the kicker is that all of this, the infra-structure — roads, sewer, etc. — is basically paid with TAXPAYERS’ dollars! Voila!

    Welcome to the military-industrial complex, folks!

    Folks, WHY do you think we have CSU San Marcos? Why? Same reason: to provide the military-industrial complex with housing, schools and creature comforts. When is the last time you have stepped foot onto CSU San Marcos? Have you ever? I have. CSU San Marcos is basically a REALLY, REALLY fancy high school or JC. It’s an academic joke! That’s all. A university? Ha, that’s a joke! In fact, if you STILL don’t believe me that a college like CSU San Marcos was NOT built for academic purposes but to cater to our military-industrial complex, please read the following: What ON EARTH does the military have in common with higher learning? The answer is clearly NOTHING, and so CSU San Marcos is a clear ploy . . . for Camp Pendleton’s housing needs.

    As are ALL of these new developments! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!! And for those of you who continually and naively believe that our military-industrial complex gives a rat’s behind about our community . . . and about our quiet village . . . and about our rural lifestyle . . . and ALL of the great qualities that make up Fallbrook, well they absolutely, positively do NOT! The military-industrial complex ONLY cares about one person and one person alone: THEMSELVES!

    So, what about water needs? What about pollution? What about traffic? NOW do you believe me when I keep on saying, do WE, THE PEOPLE have a vote in all of this directly? If not, why not? Look who voted for this: Supervisor Bill Horn WHO IS A VETERAN!!! Hello! Pull your heads out of your rear-ends: We are living in a COMPLETELY saturated military-industrial complex society where we do NOT have democracy! Far from it!


  5. BGG   September 28, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    Agreed. Horn has got to go! But his promotion of sprawl development is nothing new. Look at his support for practically every single development project ever proposed in this county and beyond. Just 3 years ago he was rebuffed in his collusion with developers in trying to place almost 3,000 new homes along the west side of the I-15 freeway north of Deer Springs Road. Horn has collected some $75,000 dollars from the developers of this project alone. And now last I heard these same developers are back again, surprise, surprise. Lets not forget Horn’s support for Lilac Ranch and other massive developments in Valley Center.

    Horn does not represent the best interests of those of us who actually live here in North County. I really hope he’s voted out of office come the next election.

  6. LMAO   September 28, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    @Comment #4: Absolutely disgusting?? Yes Lee, you are.

    Let me see… last week Lee said that the "military" had gotten rid of all the dairies in San Diego County. After everyone stopped laughing, they informed him of the irrefutable fallacies of such a ridiculous accusation, and of course, he never replied with any of his "so called" facts. Now, in his mind, the military is also responsible for proposed new communities in the I-15 corridor… what?? The developers and the county planners have been trying to ram more houses down our throats for 30 years!! In case you haven’t noticed Lee, and obviously you haven’t since you apparently don’t ever really notice anything real, Camp Pendleton has plenty of base housing, in fact they just got through building a bunch more. The base is actually downsizing due to Obama’s cut backs in military spending. They don’t need any more housing, if they really want (for some inexplicable reason) a community college, there are plenty of them close by to choose from. To say that Lee’s comments are ludicrous would be putting it mildly.

  7. @LEE   September 28, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    May you remember that our Gov. Brown approved free college fees to all illegals so they could get an education. Palomar College is busting at the seams, they have upgraded, built a new science tech bldg. and social behavior bldg. It is a great community college with very low semester fees. $1,000/yr versus $15,000/yr. for CSUSM, which DID allow most anybody into their school with low academic grades when it first opened.

    Lee, housing is not for the military, or the strip malls or the Starbucks…"build it and they shall come". It is for the over populated USA’s next generation coming of age. There won’t be any jobs, but everyone will have a good education!!

    Lee, don’t blame the casino’s either!!

  8. Lee   September 28, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    @ #5 BGG. I completely agree with you! Here’s the real problem: no term limits. What we need for EVERY, SINGLE elected official — the President, senators, congress, mayors, state politicians, ALL the way to utility board members — is for them to ONLY SERVE ONE TERM AND ONE TERM ONLY!!! PERIOD! Until that happens, we will (A) have abuses like this one and at RMWD (Rainbow Water), etc., and (B) absolutely NO democracy whatsoever. None!

    @ #6 LMAO Besides simply laughing your rear-end off — which anybody can do — why don’t you explain the COLONADE of cars leaving Camp Pendleton everyday and driving on Mission Rd. and heading north to Rancho California in light of your, shall we say, ABUNDANT Camp Pendleton housing. Can you explain that one, hmm? Go ahead, let’s hear it. The answer, of course, is that Camp Pendleton (A) does NOT have sufficient enough housing, (B) uses Marines to live among civilians as clever propaganda PR, AND (C) is preparing for a future build-up of Camp Pendleton personnel. Cool?! THUS, ALL of these DARN housing developments that do nothing but bring down our GORGEOUS Fallbrook!

  9. Aluminun Foil Hat Allert   September 29, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    "uses Marines to live among civilians as clever propaganda"

    Gosh Lee, I know this will come as a shock… but many of those Marines have BOUGHT homes in the Temecula/Murrieta/Winchester area, thereby contributing to the economy, do you see that as some sort of "conspiracy"? are Marines really aliens from the planet Crypto? Do you know what else Lee…. many of them have…. oh no…. actually married civilians… is that a conspiracy as well? Are they mating with civilians in order to…. gasp… take over the planet earth? I can’t wait for the next thrilling installment of "Lee and the men in black… or is it green…??

  10. GRUNT   September 29, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    @Lee # 8; a lot, if not most of the Marines living north own their houses – cheaper there. What is the propaganda the Marines are pushing? Next, Pendleton is NOT building up, have you heard the President, he wants to cut the military; the Commandant says we may loss 11 battalions. So, ever one of your arguments is, as usual false.

  11. Joker   September 29, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    I agree with some of the words of "Lee". The military base has enough land to house all their personal and traffic that they produce. The military sees us that live off base as civilians or "aliens" in there eyes. So why can’t they stay and live on base? Riverside and the rest of the surrounding area wouldn’t need so much housing if that was the case, not right, just saying…

  12. grunt   September 30, 2013 at 7:41 am

    @Joker – should they keep there money on base too? Try to remember what happened to Oceanside during the 1st gulf War – we all went away, and a lot of families went home; Oceanside saw a drastic drop in it’s economy. Fallbrook too to a lesser extent.

  13. Pink   September 30, 2013 at 9:27 am

    I find it amazing that Lee, and obviously Joker as well, do not seem to understand that Marines are free to come and go as they wish on their own time. They are Ameriicans, just like the rest of us, and can live wherever they choose. They not only have the same freedoms that the rest of us do, they actually fought for it!! If they choose to live off base they can do so. The military (thankfully) cannot force them to live in base housing. Do you have a job Lee? How about you Joker? Can your employer force you to live at the office? Do you two understand how this country works? BTW I have never met a Marine that treats civilians as aliens. If you have then I think maybe you two need to take a look in the mirror.

  14. What??   September 30, 2013 at 11:28 am

    I have just 3 words to say about comment #8. Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist!!

  15. Joker   September 30, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    @Pink, The military is on 24 hour 365 day call so technically they really don’t have too much freedom. My job is not, so what’s you point? I’m a patriot, and I pay my taxes respectfully. Soldiers choose to join the military now a days, not forced. There are all type of hero’s that make this great country go round and you don’t see those folks complaining, and they don’t get discount’s or free stuff. I work proud for my country and pride, I’m just saying that the surroundings area’s don’t have to worry too much about the economic impact. Oceanside beach property would be sold off in no time and Fallbrook really wouldn’t see a huge impact. Since the military just drives thru without really spending any money here anyways, not right, just saying….

  16. Seriously   October 1, 2013 at 12:14 am

    @ Joker,

    Many of us do spend our money in Fallbrook. Some of us even buy homes and retire here (or send our children to school here, volunteer here, etc). You’d probably be surprised how many of your neighbors have military ties. Maybe you’ve just never noticed, since we aren’t green with giant heads and large eyes.

  17. grunt   October 1, 2013 at 7:49 am

    @Joker – "you don’t see those folks complaining" I see a lot more complaining from civilians than military. No one suggested closing the base – your comment was to keep the military o nthe base, so no land ot sell off. As Seriouly says, Marine’s add an awful lot to Fallbrook, retired and active duty.

  18. Pink   October 1, 2013 at 8:53 am

    @Joker: Come down to the local VFW and meet many of the former and present military people who call Fallbrook home. The VFW is open to the public for dinners on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, we would love to meet you. You might just be surprised to learn how many people (Marines, Navy, etc) fell in love with this area while serving aboard Camp Pendleton, and stayed. We count several former Admirals and former Generals, a bunch of Colonels and Lt. Colonels, Majors, Captains, etc, and a ton of enlisted men and women who are your friends and neighbors now, by choice. We even count a Pearl Harbor survivor among our membership. You need to get rid of your pre-conceived prejudice against us and find out for yourself. My family has been in Fallbrook for over 40 years now, our children were all born here. When did you come to town? Please come down and say hello, we are friendly and welcoming. We also have the best burgers in town!!

  19. Joker   October 1, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of our military! I just put the way I see it. Never had a problem with them folks now or never. I’m just saying that the military doesn’t make this country go round! Not everyone that lives in Fallbrook is retired military, so stop hating on me and take a chill pill!

  20. Pink   October 1, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    I’m sorry Joker, but how is inviting you to come and join many of your friends and neighbors for dinner at the local VFW, hating on you? That makes no sense at all. "Hating on you"? "Take a chill pill"? Geez, how old are you? I also never said that everyone in Fallbrook is military. I said many are. You are the one who said the military drives through Fallbrook without stopping, that they are aliens, and that you don’t want them to ever be allowed off the base. That sounds a heck of a lot more like hate than anything I said. By the way, you are still invited for dinner.

  21. So sad really   November 13, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    Here it is about 1 year later. And I notice the DR Horton tract sign. You San Diego Countians I thought you ‘got it’ but no you let urban sprawl continue………sad sad sad. I remember when it was old 395 going thru there even before there was I-15 and there was no signal at 76. There was even a pick your own citrus grove to the east and a fan shaped swine farm as you came down the grade where the housing tract it now. How much more crap are you gonna take by land developers, they won’t be building ‘affordable housing’, that ain’t profitable for THEM.
    Oh and how much more can they build before the water runs out. Yup shoulda seen it coming when the water came from the MWD canal first the avocados grew up on the slopes and now it’s being replaced with more urban sprawl, and elsewhere to farm won’t be found. Jeez folks get with the program, Ventura County kinda does it right, you coulda done it that way but NNNOOO it’s all about the money……………sad sad sad


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