Investigation continues into fatal dog attack case

Two area law enforcement agencies are continuing the investigation into a case where a woman suffered fatal injuries inflicted by a number of powerful dogs on a Fallbrook property Nov. 11. The case is two-fold as a marijuana growing operation was also discovered at the scene by emergency responders.

Fallbrook resident Remedios Romero-Solares, 30, who worked as a housesitter and housekeeper, was at the property located at 1305 Calle Tecolotlan that afternoon when she was fatally injured by mixed breed bull dogs that were kept on the property. The dogs were impounded by the County Dept. of Animal Services. An autopsy, conducted by the San Diego County Medical Examiner, ruled Romero-Solares’ death as “accidental,” citing “multiple, penetrating, mauling, and blunt force injuries.” Speculation due to evidence at the scene was that the woman was possibly trying to break up a fight between the dogs when she was injured. After reviewing the case, the Sheriff’s Homicide Unit turned the investigation over to Animal Services, where it is still ongoing.

On Nov. 29, Animal Services spokesman, Lt. Dan DeSousa said the eight bulldogs continue to remain in custody. He also clarified the breed of the dogs as it had been reported in various ways in area media.

“The owner of these dogs was advertising them as Olde English Bulldogges, but they are much larger than the standard size for that breed,” said DeSousa. “We believe he was breeding those with American Bulldogs to make a larger dog, a mix of the two.” DeSousa said one of the dogs weighs in around 105 lbs.

DeSousa said his department has not concluded its investigation at this time.

“No determination has been made yet on any charges and no decision has been made yet on the disposition of the animals (whether or not they will be destroyed),” he said.

Since the County law states that no more than six adult dogs (over four months old) can reside on a property without the owner filing for a kennel license, DeSousa was asked if a kennel license existed for that address.

“Whether they were licensed to have a kennel or not is part of the investigation,” he said.

DeSousa, who would not release the names of the owners of the dogs, said, “These types of situations are very few and far between – we are going to conduct a very thorough investigation.”

County records show that the owners of the property are Jose Hernandez and Guillermina Hernandez, but friends of the family, who asked to remain anonymous, said the couple’s son Edgar Hernandez and his wife, Evelyn Kaiwi-Hernandez reside there. The couple, who displays their work as weightlifting training coaches on the social media site Facebook, appear to work locally.

Acquaintances told the newspaper the couple sold “dozens of puppies online for upwards of $2,500 per dog due to their potential size and power as adults.” They also said many of the puppies were “aggressive and difficult to handle.”

As Sheriff’s deputies were securing the scene where the woman died, they discovered some 24 marijuana plants being grown inside the home on the property.

The investigation into the marijuana operation has been taken over by the Sheriff’s Dept.’s Narcotics Task Force, who seized the plants.

One investigator told this newspaper that the couple who was living in the home “has not returned since the incident” and is being sought for questioning.

“Marijuana is still illegal in the state of California; having a growing operation of 24 plants is a prosecutable offense,” he said. “We have already brought the District Attorney into the case.”

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  1. I wonder why...   December 7, 2012 at 9:22 am

    the haven’t come back? Guilty much and something to hide? Bums!

  2. Preston   December 7, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    I think the DA needs to move a little faster on this one.
    Not only is breeding this kind of dog for a pet irresponsible the Marijuana issue is troubling — It seems enough time has elapsed to find the owners.

  3. Fleers   December 7, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    The two have probably fled the country. The actual property owners don’t have it so easy. It’s only the property owners that matter in CA anyway when it comes to a wrongful death lawsuit, which I very much hope the victim’s family brings. A 30-year old woman died a violent death at the jaws of known aggressive dogs — someone must pay, and I mean really pay out financially to her family!

  4. Oktober24   December 8, 2012 at 3:23 am

    It’s scandalous that the Med Examiner has declared this an accident. If a dog doesn’t want to bite, it doesn’t. If it bites, this is intentional, in particular if the ‘bites’ are so horrific that someone dies of them. This couple *purposely* had dogs both capable of and bred in order to kill. They were working on making even bigger weapon dogs in our pit-type dog arms race. The violence their weapon dogs committed was intentional on their part. It was just the moment that wasn’t. They need to be charged with premeditated murder…when the cowards are found.

    DeSousa is perhaps even worse — he’s lying outright. This kind of ‘incident’ isn’t few and far between. Pit-bull type dogs have killed more than 35 people in the past 12 months. No matter what paper name he or anyone chooses to give these killers, they are pit-bull type dogs. DeSousa is declining to investigate whether there was a kennel license. In a case like this, where someone has died, you’d think our TAX PAID authorities would be vigorously prosecuting every single illegal fact they could find. DeSousa needs to be relieved of his position and replaced by someone who understands that we pay him to protect us, our public health and safety — not scum who are breeding ever bigger killer dogs nor dogs that have killed.

  5. AJones   December 8, 2012 at 9:50 am

    Thank you Village News for taking the lead and reporting on this very serious threat to the community. These people had sold "dozens" of those dogs; who knows where they ended up. People need to know this. Hopefully another such horror can be prevented.

    Thank you for pursuing the inconsistencies and initially incorrect information and

    Please continue your reporting and update us on the disposition of the bull breed mixes that killed this woman.

  6. Meals on Wheels   December 8, 2012 at 10:26 am

    I see the reporter is using some new politically correct language that the pit bull advocacy would like to see more of, where you do your very best to disclose the breeding of the dog…."powerful dog" is code for pit bull or Rottweilers. I know, the media is demonized by the pit bull advocacy, and they are a scary crowd. Then the deceptive description of "Bulldog". I wonder how Mr. De Sousa would feel if somebody said "These types of situations are very few and far between", in the manner a loved one in his family met their demise, when actually the current statistic is someone is killed every two weeks in this manner. Not rare. In the realm of death by West Nile Virus, it should be something a civilized society would want to combat. Lawn Darts were banned for four deaths by the way. This consumer product is far more risky. How sad, it seems that beautiful San Diego County is going to the dogs.

    By the way, both Olde English Bulldogges and American Bulldogs are essentially pit bull mixes, great big pit bulls (not a breed, but a type of dog). Any policy for "pit bulls" would need to include these more powerful and equally aggressive pit bull types of dogs.

  7. Lola   December 8, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    I agree Meals on Wheels, it’s time to throw away all the political correctness. Are we at 15 pit caused deaths this year, and that’s children only? Enough is enough, time to throw away appeasing the pit advocates, it’s time for social justice for those whose lives have been destroyed by pits and their mixes.

  8. Jaloney   December 8, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    The media doesn’t determine what breed a dog is, this information comes from animal control officers, The media doesn’t make the dogs maul or chase down these stories .. the stories are picked up by a police scanner when people that are desperate, in shock, and bleeding call 911. If you threw out 2/3’s of all pitbull attacks because of some freak determination that the wrong breed was attributed the remaining attacks would still make pitbulls the top killers . This fad has been promoted by wealthy dog fighters and breeders so they can conduct their sport without fear . Fake nonprofits like ASPCA take in millions in donations that do not go to pets. (CNN did an investigation ) Follow the $.The pitbull fad is evil and the attacks on innocent humans are brutal and unnecessary. The pitbull lobby has their own lawyers and propaganda machine: The National Canine Research Council. People need to get very active to fight this evil in their communities. Lt. Dan DeSousa is part of the problem. Everyone knows that a pitbull MIX is also a dangerous animal and DeSousa knows that calling it a Old English Bull dog is a way to try to cover up the facts. Dan DeSousa has been part of the shelters big Free Pitbull Adoption promotions. Pitbulls are unpredictable and noone can predict which ones will go beserk. When they do snap they are much more violent than other dogs. For that reason they should not be allowed as pets.

  9. Preston   December 9, 2012 at 8:49 am

    Finally, the Village News is printing comments that are to the point. I am appalled every time I read a story about how loving Pit Bull’s (including any mix of the breed) are when in fact they repeatedly kill their owners, their children, friends and neighbors. I believe Counties should ban the breeding and sale of these dogs for pets. It is absolutely ridiculous that many facilities promote the adoption of them to unsuspecting victims. The image of a Gang Banger walking down the street with a Pit Bull on a giant chain should be a wake up call to anyone undecided about this issue.

  10. Mary Katherine Carroll   December 9, 2012 at 11:28 am

    It is time for States to start implementing criminal penalties on owners of these dogs. The man who owns the dogs that nearly killed me walked free despite being warned by neighbors and police about the dangerous situation his dogs created. He has nothing to take so civil penalties are useless. Just as a drunk driver has to take responsibility when they choose to get behind the wheel after drinking and kill someone.

  11. Dog Lover   December 9, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    Saying that a pit bull mix or type of dog only attacks if its trained to do so, rather out of instinct, is like saying humans only eat if they want to, not out of instinct. Animals are not able to rationalize thought and live in the primitive mind. Please stop attributing human characteristics and rights to animals, and please attribute civility to the dangerousness of any large, violent animal, dog or not.

    Animals, especially dogs, should never be around children and any type of pit or pit bull mix should not be bread if society doesn’t understand the risks. It is extremely cruel to the animals as it is to the human population to continue to raise and distribute these dogs.

  12. Preston   December 10, 2012 at 7:58 am

    Dog Lover,
    Who is attributing human characteristics to animals?

  13. opinion   December 10, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    Dog Lover (comment #11) quotes: "Animals should never be around children…." Good thing you never grew up on a farm, or you would have never made it!

  14. Dog Lover   December 11, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    I meant animals capable of harming babies, not necessarily children. I grew up around animals and my parents have a semi-farm and my son plays with chickens and goats etc. But I would never leave him alone with a Pit Bull or other type of large breed dog! I believe that young children are not capable of empathy for animals at age two and may not understand the consequences, whether it be injury by rooster or injury/death by Pit Bull. Anyone who leaves a young child unattended with any animal is asking for serious consequences.

    @ Preston, I am referencing the people who believe that dogs are capable of empathy and rational thought. Those are human characteristics generally not present in the remaining population of mammals.

  15. Kill These Dogs   December 12, 2012 at 2:10 am

    These put our dogs and friends in danger. They should not exist and need to be killed. Laws are not working and police are helpless, we need to take matters into our own hand.

    This should be treated as a murder.

    I hope the family of this poor EMPLOYEE sue the owners of the dog for everything they have.

  16. BSL idiots, prejudice jerks   January 1, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    get back to the facts any dog can cause harm.
    so being fed by the media you find it easier to blame "pits" and "pit-mix". read about the other dogs that kill even the dolled up cocker spaniel and golden retrievers. Dogs are raised like humans only no rational thoughts they have no remorse they only know what they were allowed to do.
    So in short go blow your hot air on something else some of you could make money.


  17. ppl are dumb   January 23, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    hmm another kid shot in south central, here is a great idea, let’s ban guns and impinge onthecorebeliefs this country was founded in. if you want to have a pit, have a pit. everyone needsto be held accountable for their actions and their pets actions. if you aren’t responsible and something happens, your accountable. and i would love to see the numbers of all these violent fatal pit deaths, cuz i sure have never seen them. i don’t own a pit, never have but to blame the breed as a breed is asinine. drugs + BIG dogs in an unstable unsuitable environment, can’t imagine what comes next. sure the dogs killed her and it is tragic, but the owners are responsible for creating that environment. and don’t bash olde English bullys, you just sound stupid, you don’t have a clue what the breed is about


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