Local activists raise awareness of sex trafficking

SAN DIEGO – Speak Up Revolution premieres a short film “Oblivion: Story of the Unseen Girl” to raise public awareness about the issue of sex trafficking in San Diego and throughout California. Filmed in San Diego, this dramatized short film tells the story of a young, local girl forced into sexual slavery. Justin Taylor and Shannon Whitten, co-directors of “Oblivion,” as well as most of the actors and actresses from the film, either grew up in or currently reside in the Fallbrook area. The film is expected to do well in this year’s Fallbrook Film Festival, and has received strong media and community support.

Along with the film, Speak Up Revolution is running a social awareness campaign from Oct. 17 to 22, called 6 Days to End Slavery. Interested individuals and teams can register their email addresses at www.speakuprevolution.com/6daystoendslavery. On each day of the challenge, a new video will be posted on the website, which will include information about the anti-trafficking movement and simple challenges to get involved. Anyone can register and the challenges are free, relatively quick to complete, and can be completed in any community, as the entire campaign is online.

Shannon Whitten, creative director of Speak Up Revolution, noted, “Our goal with “Oblivion” and the 6 Days to End Slavery challenge is to raise public awareness and bring a very real and significantly painful issue to light. Many people are oblivious to the slavery that exists today. Girls as young as 12 years old are being exploited and forced to sell their bodies. We must do everything we can to stop this injustice.”

“Oblivion: Story of the Unseen Girl” is currently available for free viewing on www.endtheoblivion.com.

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