Local animal non-profit assists local residents

FALLBROOK – Senior/Special Needs Animal Assistance Project Endeavor (SSNAAPE), a Fallbrook based non-profit, is teaming up with the Feral Cat Coalition (FCC) by maintaining a trap depot for those wanting to fix the feral cats in their area. For those unfamiliar with FCC, they are a San Diego non-profit organization providing spay and neuter surgeries for feral cats only.

Each year, thousands of unwanted cats are born and left to wander local neighborhoods, as prey for larger animals, targets for automobiles, and easy marks for cruelty. Once the cats reach maturity, which can be as early as 4 months, they bring forth five or six kittens (usually females) several times a year to continue a vicious cycle. It is hard to believe, but a young pair this year can populate to 20,736 by the fourth year (additional statistics available at www.ssnaape.org).

FCC holds monthly spay/neuter clinics throughout the county along with a weekly, one-day clinic at their stationary office in El Cajon. For more information and reservations, call the FCC at (855)322-2287. FCC will inform SSNAAPE which will provide the traps and instructions.

As a reminder, SSNAAPE collected dog and cat food this holiday season at Major Market and Creature Comforts. Through the generosity of Fallbrook’s villagers there is a good inventory of pet food to distribute to its senior and disabled citizens who need help feeding their pets.

SSNAAPE works with the Senior Care Foundation to identify those in needs and also welcomes individual calls. In addition, SSNAAPE provides financial support for medical/surgical care and spay/neuter. SSNAAPE can be reached at (760) 451-8961 for more information on this subject.

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