Local fitness instructors hold event to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy

FALLBROOK – On Jan. 26, a group of local fitness instructors held a collaborative workout event to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy through the Todd Durkin Foundation. Todd Durkin is an internationally known health and fitness performance coach and speaker.

Jeaneane Colombero, owner of Body Systems’ Personal Training and class instructor at Club Paradise, organized the event by uniting Fallbrook’s top fitness instructors to answer the nationwide call from Durkin. Don McDougal, owner of the Grand Tradition, provided the location for the event, said Colombero.

“Thirty participants eagerly gathered to be led through a variety of workouts,” said Colombero, who began by leading the group in a lively warm-up session. Renato Filippa of Club Paradise then had the group do cross training exercises.

“Erica Williams, of Fallbrook Village Fitness, led the group on a power walk around the [Grand Tradition] lake and through the newly-opened Compass Garden, pausing to lead them in dips on garden benches, pushups and calf raises on the steps,” said Colombero.

“Upon returning to the Beverly Mansion, Krista Aguilar, of Fallbrook Pilates and Cal-a-Vie, kept the group moving with Pil-oxing, a fun blend of Pilates and boxing,” said Colombero. “Suzy McIntosh, of Club Paradise, followed with her energetic Zumba.”

“Bringing things to a calmer pace was Sherri Trombetta, of Fallbrook Pilates, with her very popular Mat Pilates and Sandra Buckingham, of Fitness Moves, finished with a beautiful and tranquil yoga,” she continued.

Water and fruit breaks were enjoyed by participants between instructors’ sessions, courtesy of Sam Logan and Major Market. Additional local business owners donated gift certificates that were raffled off to the participants.

The winner of an exciting pushup contest at the event was George Archibald, who Colombero said was titled the “Fallbrook Pushup King.”

Colombero said $1,200 was raised for the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund via the Todd Durkin Foundation.

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