Man arrested after breaking into Rainbow home during night

A 33-year-old Fallbrook man was arrested at shortly after midnight on July 9, after he had broken into a couple’s home in Rainbow and subsequently became engaged in a fight with one of the victims.

Sgt. David Pocklington said deputies from the Fallbrook Sheriff’s substation received a call at about 12:26 a.m. and responded to the 5100 block of First Street in Rainbow concerning a residential burglary.

Upon arrival, a female victim said that an unknown male “had jumped through their bedroom window.” She reported that her husband had engaged in a fight with the suspect.

“During the struggle the suspect yelled he was armed with a handgun and high on PCP,” said Plockington. “When deputies arrived they could hear screams coming from inside the residence. As they approached, deputies could see the male resident in a struggle with the suspect.”

Plockington said during the struggle the male victim was struck several times with a flashlight.

“Deputies quickly entered through the broken window to stop the assault,” he said. “After a brief struggle with the suspect they were able to arrest him.”

“During the arrest deputies deployed their tasers multiple times,” said Plockington. “The suspect sustained minor injuries and has been medically cleared.”

Plockington said the victim injuries were minor.

“One deputy sustained a minor laceration to his hand from jumping through the window,” he added.

The suspect has been identified as 33-year-old Michael Duitsman of Fallbrook.

Duitsman was booked into the Vista Detention Facility for 245 P.C. – Assault with a Deadly Weapon, 148 P.C. – Resisting Arrest and 11550 H&S – Under the Influence of a Control Substance. Bail was set at $80,000.

“At this time there is no evidence the suspect possessed a handgun,” said Plockington. “The investigation is ongoing.”

3 Responses to "Man arrested after breaking into Rainbow home during night"

  1. Curious   July 18, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    Well, obviously the law enforcement isn’t taking it too seriously. He was released from jail, and now has an active warrant. A little suspicious that he breaks into a home in Rainbow, and then not even a week later a home burns with two dead bodies in it right down the street.

  2. BS   July 20, 2014 at 11:16 pm

    When they received the call they told the victims they’d be there in 25 min are you … serious who does that ….? That’s why you get paid to go out immediately to protect us and not take your sweet time to get there. You never know victim could’ve been severely injured or maybe even killed during those 25 min

  3. Curious 2   August 5, 2014 at 11:37 am

    Any news on if they’ve found this guy?


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