Marijuana stronger than ever … More potent dope than the hippies smoked… addictions in teens on the rise

Think marijuana is a harmless drug with insignificant effects?

A recent study into the psychoactive strength of marijuana was conducted by the University of Mississippi’s Potency Monitoring Project and the findings were released by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

The result of the study points to a sharp increase in the THC levels (psychoactive component) in the plant-based drug. These findings have raised concerns over the mental health effects on adolescents using marijuana.

“The potency of marijuana in the United States has doubled since the mid-1980s,” said Rafael Lemaitre, spokesperson for ONDCP.

In 1983 the THC level was just under four percent, but Lemaitre said the current samples indicate the level has swollen to 9.6 percent.

According to their most recent quarterly report, the University of Mississippi used marijuana samples obtained by law enforcement in the confiscation process. In one sample, the THC level registered 37.2 percent.

The THC level has risen due to different reasons, Lemaitre said.

“There are more sophisticated growing techniques [being] used by drug traffickers,” he said, “and we also think there’s a concerted effort by drug gangs to take over the market share, because a better product has the higher potential for addiction and is better business for the bad guys.”

Lemaitre called the recent THC potency analysis in marijuana “troublesome.”

“Today, we are seeing more teenagers in treatment for marijuana addiction than for any other illegal drug, including alcohol,” he explained. “Marijuana is a different drug than what was around in the 1970s and we are seeing it as a very serious health threat.”

An adolescent brain, Lemaitre related, has not finished developing, so there is great concern about those smoking the drug with high THC levels.

“New research in the last four to five years shows troubling links between marijuana use and different kinds of psychosis, depression and schizophrenia,” he said.

Emergency rooms have seen their fair share of patients whose use of marijuana has led to paranoia, increased heart rate and panic/anxiety attacks.

“According to the California Healthy Kid Survey, marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug of youth in San Diego County,” said Clark Kiser, program manager for Mental Health Systems and North Inland Community Prevention Program.

A recent survey showed 17 percent of eleventh-graders in San Diego County admitted to using marijuana in the past 30 days. Nearly two-thirds of new marijuana users each year are between the ages of 12 and 17.

Fallbrook is far from exempt when it comes to marijuana use. The 2005 California Healthy Kids Survey conducted on Fallbrook youth revealed that six percent of ninth-graders and seven percent of eleventh-graders admitted to smoking marijuana.

“Marijuana is definitely present in Fallbrook, and young teenagers, even in our middle schools, are smoking it,” said Sgt. Theresa Adams-Hydar of the Sheriff’s Fallbrook Substation. “We have several arrests a week from Potter Junior High and Fallbrook High School for juveniles in possession of marijuana or some type of related paraphernalia.”

On Internet sites, such as MySpace and other file sharing sites, children frequently post photos of themselves smoking pot or using bongs (devices used to smoke marijuana), said Adams-Hydar.

Law enforcement officers recommend that parents closely monitor what their children are putting on sites like these, saying even the placing of a simple icon of a marijuana leaf on a personal site should be a red flag to parents.

“This is definitely something to watch out for,” said Adams-Hydar, adding that parents should also be vigilant about clothing lines that promote marijuana.

To keep abreast of any drug suspicious activity in children, it has been recommended by health experts that parents utilize home test kits which can detect drug use.

“We have a variety of tests,” said Kermit Harrison, pharmacy manager for Rite Aid’s Fallbrook store.

Results from one of these urine tests can be read within five minutes. If a positive result is discovered, Harrison says it is best to move forward with a blood test from a physician, just to be certain.

The sensitivity of home test kits is best utilized within 48 hours of any suspicious activity. “The farther out you go in time, the less reliable the test result,” explained Harrison.

On average, Rite Aid fields a couple of inquiries each week about home drug test kits. “I think these tests are a good threat for kids,” said Harrison, “and it will keep an honest kid honest.”

Due to the mild Mediterranean climate and fertile ground, Fallbrook is a top choice for many crops – including marijuana. Cultivators of the plant have been known to favor the greater Fallbrook area.

“There is a marijuana problem in any agricultural area throughout [San Diego County]; Fallbrook isn’t the only place,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Reed. “Anytime you have an agricultural work group with remote areas and water, you’ll end up with marijuana.”

In 2007, Reed said the biggest marijuana growing operation his department busted was in the area of Palomar Mountain. Some 42,000 plants were being cultivated in the enterprise.

“On average, we find 100 to 500 marijuana plants,” he said, “and in the Fallbrook area, including De Luz, Rainbow and Bonsall, we find about 75 marijuana gardens a year.”

The cultivation of marijuana crops in the Fallbrook area is an ongoing problem. Unlawfully diverting water lines from law-abiding farms and orchards in order to irrigate marijuana gardens is common.

“It is easy to do so in the big ranches and farms of De Luz,” said Adams-Hydar. “If you see a water line going somewhere [other than your specific garden or orchard area], leave it alone and call the Sheriff’s Department.”

As far as the ONDCP is concerned, the marijuana of today is a new drug.

“There are people who have outdated thoughts and notions that marijuana is a harmless substance,” said Lemaitre, “but science is telling us something different.”

For more information about this subject, log on to and To report any suspicious crop growth or waterline activity, call the Sheriff’s Department at (858) 616-4445.

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29 Responses to "Marijuana stronger than ever … More potent dope than the hippies smoked… addictions in teens on the rise"

  1. m0ng00se   December 1, 2008 at 9:45 am

    Thousands of people have died from growing and smoking pot. Simply because it is illegal. In my country criminal gangs regularly murder growers to get their weed. Smokers regularly committ suicide in prison because they’re gentle folk who don’t like being raped by hardened crims.

    Mr. Treatment has his own agenda. I’ve met a hundred "Mr. Treatments" in my life. They make a living from convincing young teenagers that they are "Mentally ill" because they smoke pot. Religious fanatics do exactly the same. Being told you are "Mentally ill" and dosed up on rat poison legal psychotic drugs ruins most young people’s lives forever. People like "Mr. Treatment" do more damage than all the pot smokers combined. They’re creepy people who make money by convincing perfectly normal teens that they are "screwed up."

    You all need to grow up on both sides of the fence. It isn’t about cannabis. It’s about personal freedom, big brother and police states. It’s about criminal gangs making huge money because a natural weed is illegal. It’s about politicians chasing votes.

    Health issues are just a red herring and people like "Mr. Treatment" are just puppets with no brain of their own. More people die of cancer from carbon monoxide fumes from car exhausts. More people become mentally ill and psychotic because of relationship issues. Shall we ban automobiles and relationships??

    The world is falling apart. Economies are collapsing, wars are breaking out daily, poverty is the highest it has ever been in history…. violence, rape, murder and theft are out of control…. yet you want to lock kids up for smoking weed!!!!! Well gee who is living with their head in the sand?

    It has been proved all over the world that if you take away weed completely then kids turn to glue, BZP, meth and heroin instead. There is nothing "mentally ill" about smoking dope. It is completely normal and natural for humans to experiment with drugs, seek enlightment or simply seek some relief from the stress of a distintegrating society.

    Cannabis has been regularly used worldwide for 6000 years as a recreational, spiritual and medicinal herb. It has been illegal for 100 years because the USA Government decided it lessened their ability to control the immigrant work force.

  2. duh   February 4, 2009 at 11:41 am

    pot is good for you if you have an eating problem smoke pot youll eat every thing

  3. Ryan   February 12, 2009 at 9:46 am

    THC IS NOT PHYSICALLY ADDICTIVE YOU MORONS! Think about it, if cannabis is so terrible, why is it that humans have evolved to have cannabinoid receptors in their brains.

    “Cannabis sativa preparations have been known as therapeutic agents against various diseases for millenia.”

    – U.S. National Library of Medicine

    “People who smoke marijuana may be less likely to develop lung cancer than people who do not smoke anything at all.”
    – Dr. Donald Tashkin, UCLA School of Medicine

  4. saucey   March 5, 2009 at 12:53 pm

    weed is awsome i smoke every day

  5. the truth:   March 23, 2009 at 9:19 am

    weed being illegal causes it to be sold by criminals who sell other drugs like crack, meth,and pills..therefore putting a perfectly harmless way of filling good without side effects into the catogory of being a gateway drug. Pot being sold with other drugs is causing other drugs to be introduced. I don’t smoke it now because my job requires me to be clean..but there has been many days ive wanted to come home and just relax from a hard days work. my legs and back being sore, my bones aching and just simply can’t wind down to go to sleep." i wish i had some weed." Weed has more positives than far as mr. treatment is concerned..your patients heart rates and reason for being paranoid is because your scaring the hell out of them by telling them that they’re mentally ill. weed causes you to be paranoid because your afraid of getting caught or something in your life is causing anxiety..weed just makes everything around you more intense. therefore if you tell someone something bad while they’re high you get a more intense reaction. so stop blaming anxiety on pot you dumbass and get your head out of the goverments ass. we all know you are on their side cause if weed was legal you would be out of a take as much advantage of children than someone who messes with kids for other sick purposes. stay out of they’re heads and find the real reason they’re having problems..cause when a kid tells you that weed helps them sleep most likely there is something else bothering them and your diggin your claws in the wrong topic..your a quack. weed was put on this earth for a reason like all the other herbs. Man made: pills, alchol, cigarettes the doctors and government allow this crap to be put into children and adults everyday and it is making our nation dangerous to live in and its all because they’re making a profit..greed.

  6. mat   March 23, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    to all that think marijuana is safe….you are ignorant.

  7. Only4myEssay   May 5, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    So I’m 18. Smoke pot. And enjoy it. I know plenty of people that smoke it. I know more people that do smoke than dont. I can tell you, when we all smoke pot we dont go killling people or dieing from it. Chilling out and feeding off from music is out thing for the weekends.

  8. Randy   November 10, 2009 at 9:00 am

    Where do you get your information from?, 1940 misinformation and scare tactis?

    You need to check your facts!!

  9. pancho   January 20, 2010 at 9:49 am

    why is the concern with marajuana, which is less bad for you than alchol!!!!!every body needs to get educated and learn there facts about marajuana!!!!!!

  10. bob   January 20, 2010 at 9:49 am

    i have smoked weed more than twice a day every day for the past four years and i still feel the same as before……some people just shouldnt do marajuana because they cant handle it

  11. biased?   April 8, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    one study says this one study says that, don’t believe anything from a biased source without doing your own research, also is the research study biased? don’t buy into b/s propaganda. ignorance is greatly taken advantage of. the way some people hate on smokers is freakin persecution, in some cases on the same level as racism

  12. Gio   April 26, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    also none of the deaths are drug related….FYI

  13. Gio   April 26, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    look people im 18…
    and yes i smoke pot from time to time…people call it addictive and people say its not…why argue?
    personally its not addictive and people who say that quiting anytime they want are stupid. well it is that simple….how to I know you ask…cause im one of em…i smoke for 3 years…and iv been sober for one and currently sober. Yes you have to do better things in your life but sometimes. You dont see what people have gone through and the struggles they maybe currently faceing. You may say that because maybe your life came easier than other. Not saying that any of you had it easy. In my life…i experianced more death and pain that i hope no one ever feels that way in there life because iv been through things you cant imagine. Im father less and might end up being an orphan looking out for my 3 brothers. Studying hard in school so i can help my brothers do something in lives. Though i hate 2 of them haha. I struggle o be the best and sometimes i need that to help get me through. Do any of you care…no and no one really does. Its hard to live life with no one to push you. Until i went to high schoool i had no best friend. I find myself everyday more alone. Should i have taken refudge through no. But i wont regret what i did because it helped me get through tough times. It’s not as harmful as thinks. Prople who do dumb things while under the influence are stupid people who can handle it. Not saying that i can. But i no my limits and I dont act stupid. the point being that its not as bad as people think and its better to just keep your own oppinions cause only controversy can come from it. I know everyone here has better things to do than write about this….even me hahah

  14. yer in denial   June 11, 2010 at 8:01 am

    im 18 ive been smoking over a half ounce a week for 5 years. i’ve gone 11 days without it and im goin through all kinds of withdrawls witch are not all in my head i can assure you. if you dont think its addictive, try and go for a break for at least 2 weeks, you’ll find its not as easy as you think. if not your jsut not smoking good enough weed. anxiety, depression, extreme irritabitly, sweats. your all jsut a bucnh of closed minded fools.

  15. Steve   July 7, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    I do consume psychotropic drug like Marijuana. And I think those studies are not valid because they are tested by people who already disagree with it and work close with the law enforcement, for my own perspective it’s a FLAWED studies. it’s been shown that people who consume synthetic Crack-Cocain are in tendencies to get more “aggressive” than the “American Pothead”. Dependancy it’s all in everybody’s mind. Just need to laugh about it until the next opportunity come… like welfare checks or payday. Everybody’s needs it’s own motivation whatever if they are alcholics, dopeheads or workholoics. I know some people are “addicts” since the 60’s and they still cope with life itself. It’s all in your ….ing mind, trust yourself first. May be it’s harder to realize self-confidence when your a poor in the U.S. Of A. because you might get wacked or killed. But, whatever foreign country you from you learned between what’s insanity and “rightful-thinks” it’s up to you.

  16. Objektiv   September 3, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    I really think the vast majority of pro-pot commentors across the web have little objective credibility. Face it: you like to get high, and either you’re unfazed by the mega-power of today’s pot, or you’re too far gone to notice the difference.
    I smoked quite a lot as a late adolescent and young adult…in the eighties.
    I can say without hesitation that as I tapered off and quit by 1987, there was one overriding reason: pot wasn’t very fun anymore. It was making me anxious, which was the exact opposite reason I liked it so much in the previous years.
    I needed less and less, but the real reason for that, was that the overall character of the buzz was changing. It had much more of an unpleasant stimulant quality. The totally-in control-mild euphoria and intellectual stimmulation had become an edgy, hyper vigilant, overly body-focused state, where pain was actually amplified. So one day I pushed the bag away, and said no more.
    I went to college and grad school, and really achieved a lot, too.

    Recently, after twenty year’s abstention, I have tried very small amounts. I’m just blown away by how unpleasantly potent it is. Such a bummer, because I really see the beauty in being sharp and aware. I like crystal clarity, but I also suffer from untreatable pain from numerous injuries. Plus, I’d like to UNWIND sometimes, and alcohol is no way to do that on a regular basis.

    Kids (adolescents & young adults) tend not to have the best judgement, even if they are intelligent. Their frontal lobes have not yet fully developed, and their complex reasoning-not to mention wisdom- are still gestating.
    And they are NOT good sounding boards for the pros and cons of how potent pot is today, or how it should be used. Plus, they weren’t even zygotes, when pot was tame and pleasant.
    Sadly, a lot of adults are in a state of extended or terminal adolescence. I know darn well that the majority of those with medical licenses to use are just stoners. Please, don’t even try to argue against it. You’re above that kind of folly.
    I also know pot has legit medical uses, and I’d LOVE to be able to use it for pain, for I have intensely legitimate need.
    But it gets my goat that so many stoners-overreacting to logic and plain facts regarding the skyrocketing potency of pot-argue without thought or flexibility, that pot is no more potent, or it doesn’t matter, or whatever. (Hey, I don’t trust the DEA one bit, or the feds in general, and I know they have a vested interest in keeping pot illegal…money for law enforcement, drug programs, etc.)
    Look at it this way, stoners: You all hate the whole “SUPER SIZE ME” attitude of corporations like MCDonald’s, and you see , likely, that 48 ounces of coca-cola and a 2,000 calorie burger are not a good thing, except for a once in awhile indulgence.
    Further, and to the heart of the matter, you KNOW that the corporations that would fatten you (if you keep patronizing their feed troughs), care not a whit about you, and the pain and suffering you will endure as you die of ill health, obese, arthritic, miserable.
    Do you REALLY think pot growers and dealers are any better? Come on. It’s all about money, plain and simple. And even those who grow for legit purposes, will give the market what it seems to want, even if that’s overkill…It happens every day, in every industry.
    I am FOR legalization, and I strongly support the immediate relief of all constraints on medical use.
    But I know, yes I know from long experience, through the objectivity of not using and observing over the decades, through a good scientific grounding, and recent , experimental, well measured use, that POT IS ENORMOUSLY MORE POTENT than it was two and a half decades ago, and that because of that, and the immense chemical complexity of pot, and the intensive, rapid-fire cultivation-that pot is not the same beast at all anymore.
    For God’s sake, accept the obvious, so people can open the door to growing strains that don’t turn people into paranoid, uncomfortable victims of a way-overpowered drug, instead of being pleasantly relieved of pain and anxiety, mellow, happy, relaxed.
    I miss good pot. Today’s jet fuel is like poison.
    Bring back the good stuff!

  17. Not Scared by you...   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Deaths from Marijuana = 0

    I’m not scared…

  18. [email protected]   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Stronger Marijuana just means you need less to get the same effect, so less smoke is needed.
    Marijuana may be habit forming like anything good but doesn’t contain any addictive substances.
    People should try things before they make an opinion on it .. addiction

  19. Not Scared...   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    ONe more thing, Marinol is 100% pure THC and is FDA approved as a schedule III.

    Hash is a concentrated extract of Marijuana’s THC and has been produced for thousands of years.

    Still no one has ever died from a THC overdose.

    More people died from taking Asprin last year than Marijuana.

    End prohibition!

    It’s making it easier for kids to get drugs. It’s making drugs more potent. It’s making criminals rich. It’s taking away our freedoms!

  20. 420 guy   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    This is a crock. Its an old rumour that has been repeated ad nausium until it has no real meaning. The data itself is suspect, let alone the conclusions drawn from the data. The truth is, even with the increase in THC levels US an Canadian Pot is still less then a third the strength of your average pot from the Netherlands, and the MINIMUM requirement for medicinal marijuana in the Netherlands is around twice what the average this study quotes is.

    As for the links to psychosis and other mental disorders, this is linked to abuse of marijuana not casual use. However anyone with mental disorders should naturally avoid any psychotropic drug.

    And as for youth, well the best way to keep marijuana out of the hands of our youth is to legalize and regulate marijuana use and sales. Studies have shown that children find it considerably easier to get marijuana then tobacco or alcohol, and yet marijuana is supposed to be illegal. The system isn’t working, instead of more propaganda a new system needs to be developed, why not take a look at the systems that are working, if its tough for kids to get alcohol, use a system similar to that.

  21. Bryan T.   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Theres a lot to be said about the subject, but I’ll keep it simple to spare the essay.

    It comes down to use versus abuse. It’s clear through years of medical evidence that pot is not a serious health risk. Additionally, its nearly identical in all ways in regards to habit forming as it is to a kid who plays a lot of video games or someone who eats a little too much fast food; There is no addictive substances (i.e. chemical dependancy forming substances) in pot, unlike cigarettes. Laced marijuana? Whens the last time you’ve heard of altered alchohol? You don’t, because 711 and albertsons sells it, not a drug dealer.

    It is my opinion that propaganda in place of lack of education causes the most harm. Pot is not a gateway drug. Without any proper knowledge or insight, a teen will try pot, find out that what propaganda says is wrong, and wonder if what’s said about crack and cocaine is wrong too. I do not condone other drug’s use, but pot specifically, is quite the harmless substance. People need to be educated as to what pot is, what it does, and how it works. Pot is not healthy for you, doesn’t make you better or smarter, but it certainly is not dangerous.

    I see no logical reason as to why pot is not treated identical to alchohol. You don’t drink and drive, don’t smoke and drive. You don’t go to work drunk, don’t go to work stoned. You don’t drink while babbysitting someone elses kid, so you don’t smoke pot either. You don’t give or sell alchohol to minors, don’t do the same for pot either. Recreational use of pot serves almost identical social uses as alchohol might and has nearly identical impairing effects.

    It all boils down to that fact that people want to engage in this crusade, it makes them feel worthwhile and gives them somethign else to blame. Makes them feel like they’re fighting for good, because it doesnt take any effort on their behalf to act angry at pot use and cite it as the cause for all things evil regardless of any justifiable evidence to support that.

  22. dede   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Keep kidding yourselves, idiots!

  23. D-Gamer (Danny)   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Yeah Its True that Alcohol comes in many differant "Proofs" No one is gonna down 12-Big glasses of whiskey,Like they would 12-glasses of beer!

    People KNOW what they are taking! More potency does not mean that people will be "Messed" up! They will just USE less!!

    we have differant grades of alcohol,..and we trust people to consume respnsibly

    ,…why not the same with marijuana??

  24. jonk   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Geeze, what a fascinating study! I wonder who paid for it? How much did it cost, and who will use the results of the study? No doubt that all the information will be used to further denounce the use of marijuana and that the taxpayers are funding them. Whats next, salted popcorn contains more sodium then unsalted popcorn?

  25. Mr. Treatment   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    I have heard all the comments above-usually from addicted teens I work with. The more active ingrediant in a substance, the more addictive it is. The National Institue of Drug Abuse gets involved because drug addiction and abuse cost us millions of dollars every year and rip families apart. Weed is just one of many, including alcohol, that cause real problems for people. And it is not true no one has died due to weed. DUI cases do happen and often more than we know but not always prosecuted because they did not smell weed on the drivers breath. Take a case in Butte County in 2005 when a guy was out cleaning up in front of his used car dealership and got run down by a pot head who was stoned-propably one of the guys that said; "man, pot just mellows me out and makes me a better driver". Yeah, mello enough to not have the reactions needed to hit the brakes in time. And pot is fat soluable, not water soluable-so it leaves your system slowly, like time release so you can be affected way after you smoke. What I find with our teen pot addicts is they use pot to keep them from getting angry, have a good time, and enjoy the world in a "better way". Anytime you have to depend on a substance to make your world better, you sould fess up to your mental illness and seek help. As for use vs. addiction, that’s the very interesting thing about becoming addicted. You do not know when you cross that line from "use" to abuse-no red light, bells or whistles go off to say "whoa here, buddy, you might have a problem with this". The reason Marijuana Annoimous exists, is because lots of people are having real problems. A buddy of mine quit after a life long love affair with weed. When asked why, he said; "man I just was not present with my family or my friends. It was just getting in the way of maximizing my potential. To all you that still believe in it’s vitures-I hope you are enjoying the life of your dreams-or the life you dream about happening someday, which ever is happening for you. Because what I hear alot about from pot smokers is "some day I’m gona", and that’s about the end of it. They never get their butt off the couch long enough to make their life happen-unless it is to grow more pot, get more stoned and talk about what else in life they might be doing if only…hey, pass it on over to me…

  26. dede   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Bravo Mr. Treatment! As human beings, we tend to extol the virtues of something we’re hooked on and know is bad for us. We continually try to justify a worthless, debilitating habit! The "I can quit anytime I want" attitude is a joke.

  27. Fallbrook Mom   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    I don’t smoke pot. I also don’t drink or smoke cigarettes. I’m just fine with living my life clean and sober. I think that alcohol and marijuana are both harmful and shouldn’t be abused. However, I agree that prohibiting marijuana use does more harm than good for the reasons stated by Not scared, 420 guy, and Brian T. I don’t want my kids smoking or drinking, (just to clarify, they don’t), but making it illegal won’t stop them, it just makes the stuff that they could get their hands on more dangerous. As for medical marijuana, narcotic pain relievers are prescribed all the time, yet marijuana is a safer, more natural, and less addictive pain reliever and anti-nausea drug than most of the ones that are prescribed. I won’t take anything stronger than Advil, but I would rather use marijuana than morpheine if I ever needed to.

  28. 50 year old   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    I watched my friends smoke and dope in high school during the 70’s. Many of the users did nothing with their lives, and their lives were focused on "the next high"… Lack of motivation = withdrawal from life. We need to live fully functional, fully engaged lives.

    Some of my classmates hit a dead end and committed suicide, others had records for DUI, possession, serious auto accidents caused while high, etc.

    For those of you who responded to this article with derision and self-righteous justification: Do some research before you sound off!

    THC content in pot is stronger now than in the past due to selective propagation. And, it is stored long term in fat cells, which, when burned by the body causes the drug to be released.

    New studies indicate that there are better alternatives available for cancer patients with nausea.

    There is an increased risk for cancer and emphysema for pot smokers.

    Its illegal.

    Its expensive.

    Its addictive.

  29. niker   February 1, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Pot is harmless. It helps mellow you out. Take for example alcohol versus marijuana, not that I would condone doing it on eigther but I would rather have a pot head on the road than a drunk. Most pot heads don’t want to drive because they are too lazy to get up and don’t want to go anywhere. Look at someone who is drunk they get that superman complex and think they can do anything. Pot and booze are not the same they do not give you the same effects. You don’t get blurred vision on pot, you don’t throw up on pot, you don’t become an angry person who wants to fight with everyone, pot is not as addictive as nicotine or alcohol. Look at the rate of drug drivers versus pot heads that have killed someone. You want to make something illegal make alcohol illegal and cigarettes. I agree legalizing pot would make it less available to teenagers and children. On topf that it would bring some income into our economy. The only thing I worry about with legalizing Marry J is what kind of harmful addictive ingrediants wou ld be put into it before the sale…rat posion…niccotine…just like in cigarettes. Before you start throwing out judgment do your research and if you haven’t even smoked Marry Jane how can you say how addictive or harmful it is.


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