Miss Fallbrook vies for state title

It’s been a busy three months for Lexi Houk, Fallbrook’s reigning queen. Not only has she been performing her Miss Fallbrook duties, graduating from high school, and settling into her life as a young adult, but Houk is now also preparing for the 2013 Miss California Teen competition.

“I have only missed two events so far, one was when I graduated, and the other was when I had the interview for entering the Miss California competition,” said Houk.

Houk hopes that by participating in the Miss California Teen pageant, she can benefit from the competition’s scholarship program.

“Last year, the top three in each division of the Miss California competition earned up to $350,000 in prizes,” said Houk. “I’d like to use the money to go to school here in Southern California for a degree in physical therapy. I want to stay in the area so that I can be close to my family, specifically my grandmother. She has been my rock through everything, and has been the one to take me to rehearsals, orientations, and interviews. She has my back.”

Traditionally, a contestant for the Miss California Teen competition must go through a rigorous preliminary process, which includes various interviews.

“I skipped through most of the preliminaries and did the rest of the application on my own,” said Houk. “I filled out the online application, which was accepted, then was asked to do a phone interview, which was reviewed after it had been accepted. I was then asked to do a one-on-one interview, which only 30 percent of applicants get to do.”

At the interview, Houk and her grandmother were informed that she had been selected to participate in the competition.

“I was really excited,” she said. “This is a pretty neat process. I figured I would try out for the Miss California Teen because I’d rather go big or go home.”

In order to prepare for the competition, Houk is also competing in the Miss Greater San Diego contest in September, which she sees as an opportunity to hone her skills as a pageant contestant.

“Right now I’m more focused on Miss Greater San Diego,” said Houk. “I’m new to this, and I know it will take a couple of times to perfect this. I believe I have a lot more training to do, and I believe I have a chance of winning a title if I put in the necessary work and effort.”

Houk has competed in one other competition, which was the 2012 Miss Teen San Bernardino pageant.

“It was my first pageant and I placed third runner up,” said Houk. “The second pageant (Miss Fallbrook) I won, and ever since I have won, I have definitely changed.”

Houk says she is no longer shy as she is comfortable talking with individuals that hold a lot of clout in the community.

“Being Miss Fallbrook has taught me to be proper and poised,” she said. “I also know how to grab the attention and keep it when talking to someone. Talking to different people is outside of my comfort zone, and now when people approach me when I have my crown on, I get excited. People are constantly telling me how much they have seen me grow in these three months.”

Despite living a whirlwind life, Houk believes that she is still very centered and goal oriented.

“I definitely have to stay responsible and grounded,” she said. “I’m taking a year off of school, but it is not so that I can slack off and do nothing on the couch. I’m dealing with my responsibilities as Miss Fallbrook, and trying to win a scholarship. I’m preparing to go to college.”

Though the 2013 pageant does not take place until January, Houk will be busy with photo shoots and interviews for the competition. In addition, she is looking for sponsors to help her represent Fallbrook in the pageant.

“All the money [for the application] is due on Sept. 10. Any donation is beneficial, and I greatly appreciate it,” she said, stating that both businesses and individuals can support her through a tax-deductable donation.

Those interested in helping Houk can contact her by emailing [email protected]

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  1. Wrong email address   July 13, 2012 at 11:52 am

    Hello all, this is Lexi Houk, Miss Fallbrook 2012, for anyone that reads this article, the email address is wrong, to contact me you can reach me at [email protected]

    *******VILLAGE NEWS SAYS********
    Village News apologizes for the misprint. The article has been corrected now. We wish our Miss Fallbrook well in her endeavors!

  2. Ryan   April 19, 2013 at 10:02 am

    You go Cuz! I know you can do it.


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