Moosa new president of Fallbrook Village Association

On Jan. 1, Roy Moosa became the new president of the Fallbrook Village Association, the position founder Vince Ross held for 21 years. Ross said he is pleased Moosa will take over leadership of the organization.

“Roy is truly a standout; he’s a real worker and we have to have someone with smarts, experience, and background to see our projects through,” said Ross. “We have goals and we need someone to grab a hold of them and work diligently for two to three years to get something accomplished.”

The saying, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person” applies here.

Moosa is an elected member and second vice chairman of the Fallbrook Community Planning Group (an advisory group to the County of San Diego), president of five years of the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club, a board member of the Fallbrook Historical Society, and owner/broker of Sun Realty.

“Roy is the perfect leader to complete existing projects and develop new programs that will continue to benefit our community,” said Ross.

In holding the various positions, Moosa’s goal has been consistent – he wants to see improvement and prosperity in downtown Fallbrook.

“The Village Association really wants to see downtown Fallbrook improve and we will work with other organizations to do that,” explained Moosa. “The building that is coming to the I-15 and SR76 area will be a city unto itself. We need to do something to give people a reason to come downtown. The development of Old Town Temecula is a good example. What we have that [the I-15 corridor area] will never have is the charm of small town America.”

“If we can capitalize on that; visitors will come to downtown Fallbrook because they can step into the past – walk downtown, visit antique stores, have lunch… that’s what we have to offer and we have to build that image,” he added.

Moosa said he has definite goals in mind that include:

• Encouraging more organizations to use the Vince Ross Village Square (corner of Main and Alvarado) for special events. Owned by the Fallbrook Village Association, Moosa said the square “is available for rent at a nominal fee; it is not a public park.”

• Utilizing the parking area between the Fallbrook Art Center and the Fallbrook Library as a venue for a larger-scale farmer’s market, large concerts, etc. “We are working with stakeholders in the parking trust, including the County, to see what is possible,” said Moosa.

• Increase use of Jackie Heyneman Park (South Mission at Pico) by organizations/groups. This park is owned by the Fallbrook Village Association.

• Continue working with other organizations in the community to enhance and enlarge local events, large-scale quarterly/seasonal events, Hot Summer Nites, etc.

Moosa said Ross has been instrumental in bringing positive change to town through the organization.

“One of the most recent accomplishments is that Vince was successful in getting the County to change the sign ordinance so there are more opportunities for way-finding signs and large banners for special events,” said Moosa. “That’s been something people have wanted for years.”

Moosa also now heads up the Fallbrook Revitalization Council, while Ross steers the Fallbrook Community Forum.

“The [Fallbrook Community Forum] is an avenue for the town’s organizations to discuss issues that might be affecting Fallbrook and what could be done about them,” explained Moosa. He gave examples such as Fallbrook Hospital’s’ financial struggles and the challenge the agriculture industry here is facing.

“In comparison, the Fallbrook Revitalization Council’s main purpose is to bring organizations together so they can work with each other in doing things that will help revitalize the town,” he said. “Before this committee, organizations were all doing their own thing and not knowing what the others were doing. It was less effective that way and now we are all getting together telling each other what we are doing and figuring out how we can help each other have successful events. It’s a communication tool that allows us all to join forces to revitalize the town and make it a desirable destination for tourists.”

One thing is certain, Moosa’s desire is the same as Ross’ – to make Fallbrook the best it can be to thrive.

“If you can make a difference in improving the direction the town is going, it’s very rewarding,” said Moosa. “I believe in our new motto, ‘Find Fallbrook and you’ll find the charm of small town America.’”

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  1. Joemamma   February 1, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    Roy is one of the nicest people I’ve met in Fallbrook.


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