Nominations open for annual Outstanding Landscape Awards; annual contest sponsored by Fallbrook Beautification Alliance

FALLBROOK – The Fallbrook Beautification Alliance (FBA) is pleased to announce that nominations are now being accepted for the Fallbrook 2014 Outstanding Landscape Awards. The program, established in 2008, is designed to recognize the efforts of individuals and organizations that contribute to community pride through excellence in landscaping, beautification, and continued property maintenance.

Once again, the FBA will be awarding each of the winning property owners with one adult ticket to Fallbrook’s popular July 4 Celebration held annually at the Grand Tradition Estate and Gardens. The winners will be announced in the Village News, on the FBA website, and lawn signs will be posted on the winning properties.

“The program continues to grow, I believe, because home owners and business recognize that beautiful landscapes are vital to a thriving community,” said chairperson Janice Phoenix. “A big thank you to all the people of Fallbrook that help beautify our community by sharing their outstanding yards and gardens with us.”

Fallbrook residents and businesses are invited to submit their nominations by May 5 for consideration in the following categories:

• Residential: Overall appearance or improvement of property

• Multi-Family Development: Apartments, condo, or residential development

• Commercial Property: Restaurant, retail, gas station, manufacturing, etc.

• Non-Profit Agency: School, church, museum, etc.

• Water Wise Gardens: Garden must use predominantly water-wise plants

A panel of volunteer judges will review the submitted nominations in each category. The sites will be judged on the plants used, landscape design and maintenance, as well as how the landscape complements the structural features of the location. Recognition will be given to those who go “above and beyond” in renovating and maintaining their property.

To be eligible, projects must be located in the Fallbrook 92028 zip code and visible, by the public, from the street. Previous years nominations (other than the prior years’ winners) may be re-submitted for consideration. No member of the FBA executive board, advisory board, or panel of judges will be eligible to compete.

There is no charge to submit a nomination, and the public is encouraged to nominate as many properties as they believe deserve the recognition and award, theirs or a neighbor’s. Photographs may be included with the nomination, but are not required. The FBA will not be able to return photos.

Nomination forms may obtained online at or may be picked up at local nurseries. Completed forms should be sent to Janice Phoenix, Fallbrook Beautification Alliance, P.O. Box 434, Fallbrook, CA 92088. Nominations must be received by May 5 to be eligible for the 2014 award.

4 Responses to "Nominations open for annual Outstanding Landscape Awards; annual contest sponsored by Fallbrook Beautification Alliance"

  1. Lee   March 29, 2014 at 11:37 am

    My dear fellow Fallbrookers, we all love Fallbrook, of course, we do. I know I do! You and I make Fallbrook what she is. If we cherish, respect and take care of her, Fallbrook will always be the "village" we love; if we don’, she won’t.

    But it’s up to each and every single one of us to do so.

    Folks, let’s do some curb appeal. Come on, let’s take some pride and spruce things up a bit. It’s spring, after all. Plant some plants. Tidy up that yard. Pull those weeds. (I know, I know.) Take some pride in your home. Come on, folks. Get some fresh air. Pick up trash in your neighborhood, yes, even if some other bozo did it. Show them that they won’t win! Paint your home. (Oh come on, it ain’t that bad.) Get the kids involved. Builds character. And it’s great cardio . . . moms. Come on, Fallbrookers, let’s ALL have gorgeous yards. Here in SoCal, an absolute gardening paradise on earth, that’s no problem whatsoever. Fallbrook alone has, at my last count, 238,642 nurseries. (Or was that 238,643?) So we have no excuse whatsoever.

    Fallbrookers, you and I make a community, town and country. It’s that simple and it’s COMPLETELY up to us. Let’s be good Fallbrookers and Americans and tidy things up. Let us all be our brother’s keeper.

    Thank you.

  2. ZZZ   March 29, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    So Lee – enter the landscaping you do in the contest, you would undoubtedly win.

  3. grunt   March 31, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    Lee- I am offended- you are directing us, that is we the people, and we did not vote on it! I think that the mandated watering (H2O-industrial lobby, follow the money!) and the mandated planting (Nursery-Industrial lobby FOLLOW THE MONEY!!) are in cahoots to KILL the weeds!!! Why, think of poor Amanda stink-weed, sitting alone, in her bed, when a weed puller digs under her and yanks the life from her? This will happen unless we ban all weed pullers! What makes one plant valuable while another bad? Who granted us the right to decide that? (Now, I am done, going to take my .45 out and shot innocent paper, just to see it die.)

  4. Pink   March 31, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    Thank you Grunt!! I was laughing so hard I …. well….never mind….(-:


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