Rainbow approves easement joint use agreement with SDG&E

The Rainbow Municipal Water District approved a joint use agreement with San Diego Gas & Electric which will allow SDG&E to install facilities across an existing Rainbow easement.

The Rainbow board’s 5-0 vote November 19 gives SDG&E the right to install facilities which will serve the Olive Hills Estates subdivision located off Olive Hill Road and Triple Crown Drive.

“It will allow San Diego Gas & Electric to locate their facilities for the new homes in the same easement,” said Rainbow general manager Brian Brady. “We’re just granting them the ability to be in the same easement.”

Rainbow owned the initial rights to the roadway easement, so no other utility can be constructed within the roadway without Rainbow’s permission. Rainbow and SDG&E have approved joint use agreements in the past, and as has occurred previously Rainbow will grant SDG&E use of the Olive Hills Estates easement at no charge.

“It’s just formalizing a working relationship in that easement,” Brady said. “It’s making sure that the details of where everybody’s involved in that specific easement are clear.”

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