Rainbow Days picnic postponed

The Rainbow Days community picnic which normally takes place in spring has been postponed.

The Rainbow Property Owners Association, which organizes the picnic, has not yet submitted the proper paperwork to the Vallecitos School District, which would give permission for the picnic to occur at Vallecitos School. The Rainbow Property Owners Association may also reserve the pavilion at Rainbow Community Park for the picnic.

“We’re still trying to investigate everything,” said Rainbow Property Owners Association president Nita Pearce.

No specific date has been set for the picnic. “The majority of the board feels that this picnic should go on. We’re hoping to be able to work things out,” Pearce said. “We’re still working on details.”

Pearce and RPOA vice-president Joe Mears have a meeting today with Vallecitos School District board president Troy Conner and Vallecitos School District superintendent David Jones, who is also the principal of Vallecitos Elementary School. “We will have a picnic, but it just won’t be right away,” Pearce said. “It’s just simply postponed as far as the majority of the RPOA board is concerned, and it will happen.”

Because the Rainbow Property Owners Association donates some of its proceeds to the Vallecitos School District (the actual money is intended for school activities but administered by the district), the school district is supportive of the next picnic being held at the elementary school.

“We very much appreciate the relationship with the RPOA,” Conner said. “We would be happy to let them use the facilities given the proper procedures and policies that everyone has to follow.”

The paperwork to hold the picnic on school district property includes proof of event liability insurance. “They have to demonstrate that they have the proper amount of insurance,” Jones said.

Jones could make an administrative decision to allow the use of school grounds should the proper paperwork be submitted. “I won’t deny that,” he said.

“We are working on how we can work it out with the school and with the county,” Pearce said. “We’re going to move forward and we’re going to have the picnic.”

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